Gender Neutral Nursery

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve come back to this little space! It’s been so busy with Magnolia the last few weeks and I just can’t get enough of her 🙂

I’ve had requests for Magnolia’s nursery when I was creating it and I’m just now, finally sharing it! I’ve ordered pieces to truly make it more “Magnolia” but am waiting for those to come in so I’ll share more of how I transformed her gender neutral nursery into a girl nursery after I have it completed!

One of the harder things for me while pregnant was creating a nursery that I loved and didn’t scream “baby” or “gender neutral” but was more seen as “serene” and “peaceful”.  I scoured Pinterest for some inspiration and just couldn’t find anything I loved that didn’t seem “overdone”. Most of the gender neutral ideas on there were so similar to each other that it made it hard to get excited.

I knew I wanted to do a statement wall and after searching online for wallpaper, I found my beloved gingham print and knew that was the first piece that would go in the nursery.  Convincing Logan to put wallpaper on the wall was the hardest part of the whole nursery! 🙂 He wasn’t sold on it but it really brought everything together! Her wallpaper is from the Joanna Gaines collection with Home Depot and it was pretty easy to put on the walls.

After  I found the wallpaper, I knew I’d stick with a very neutral color palette of white and gray and I could build onto that with pinks/blushes for a little girl or blues for a little boy.

We purchased the crib early on when Babies R’ Us went out of business and after all of our showers, we used the 15% off for the crib and glider (both from Target!) from our registry.

I love mixing prints so adding in the striped tassel curtains was a no-brainer with the wallpaper! I’m glad it turned out because there was no going back after we put it up on the window.

I knew I wanted to put a small area for books on the wall by the glider because that was something I loved.  Magnolia received books at our last shower with sweet messages in them and I love having an area to read those to her 🙂

The last thing left to figure out was what to put above her changing table. I’d seen ideas of collages, shelves, mirrors, etc but none of them were exactly what I wanted. In the Christmas edition of the Pottery Barn catalog, I saw a sweet wreath above the baby’s crib with lights and I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to do.  Since it was getting closet to Baby G’s due date, I googled and searched for places to buy the little wreath like I saw but the only place I found them on Etsy wanted $70 for them and that wasn’t really what I wanted to spend! So I decided to head to Michaels and create my own!

I was a bit nervous that it would be too plain but I absolutely love the way it turned out! I’m going to add a few flowers to it to make it a bit more girly and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

When we have Baby #2, it’ll be easy to keep this room as a gender neutral nursery (even though we’re finding out the gender next time around!) and I can keep the pops of pink/blush or switch those out for some blues/greens.  Don’t worry, we’re a bit away from the next one! Ha!

Did you find out the gender of your Baby or did you create a gender neutral nursery for your little one?!


Magnolia Kate Is One Month!

Magnolia, oh , Magnolia. How you’ve changed our lives for the better in one short month!


Our journey in the hospital was a little rocky for the both of us but bringing you home was one of the happiest moments of my life! It was a little scary leaving the hospital since they were able to watch and monitor you every minute but we were excited to start our life with you 🙂


You were home on Thursday afternoon and you had your very first visitors right away! Your aunt Bre, cousins and Grandma Kathy were SO excited to meet you that they arrived minutes after we brought you home!

Image may contain: Breanne Flint, Kristi Griedl and Kathryn 'Book' Drouin, people smiling, people standing and shoes

Image may contain: 2 people, including Breanne Flint, people smiling, people sleeping and closeup

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

Your Uncle Tanner and Aunt Erika visited the next night and we were so happy to introduce you!

You were so good with taking your bottle from both of them and snuggling up close.

On Saturday, your Grandma Shari and Papa Jay, Aunts Cam and Dee came into town just to see you.

You wooed them all!

The Sunday after you came home, we had a home health nurse come and take a look at you and Mama. You only lost 1/2 an ounce in the hospital and had already gained .6 ounces and really love to eat!


Your Uncle Alex and Cousin Nora came by for a visit and you decided to sleep through most of it! Thankfully, you woke up at the end, so your Uncle could hold you quickly!


So many people awaited your arrival, baby girl and you’ve had so many visitors the first few weeks!  If only, your Mama would have remembered to take pictures of each!


We are SO thankful for all who already love you!

You had your first pediatrician appointment 2 weeks after you came home and you weighed 9.8 pounds and had grown 1/2 an inch! The pediatrician said most babies don’t start growing yet so she was impressed that you had grown 1/2 an inch!

She said you look just perfect and that we could start working on tummy time with you. She said to keep it up until you get angry but this is actually something you really enjoy as long as Flappy the Elephant is close by!

You’ve really found your fingers and arms and love to try to snack on them! We were hoping that you would self soothe that way but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.


Don’t let all these sleepy pictures fool you… you do NOT like to sleep or nap! We’re working on this together 🙂

You took a pacifier in the hospital but get so angry when you’re at home and realize there isn’t any milk coming out of it!


We’re hoping this changes!

Your first public outing was to your Aunt Cambree’s gymnastics meet and you did so good!

You slept through most of it but made sure to let everyone know you were there after you finished your bottle. #hangry

We have yet to go out shopping or walking thanks to the weather and Mama’s weight restriction from my C-Section but I’m excited to get you out and about.

You had your first bath after coming home and hated it! Poor thing, you were so cold since it was basically a sponge bath until your umbilical cord came off.


After that came off and daddy holds you in your little tub, you really love bath time! We make sure to get a warm wash cloth on your belly and you’re in heaven 🙂 Bath time is a nightly ritual that we look forward to now!

You really loved looking at your Christmas Tree and all the pretty lights.  In the morning or evenings, we could turn the tree on and you would just stare and calm down. You clearly love Christmas already, just like your Mama.  Which is good since you share a birthday with it too 🙂

Your little facial expressions are so incredibly cute. You have found your tongue since almost day one and love to make goofy faces at me all day long (when you’re not crying!).

Your little smile has started to happen more often and I like to think you’re more intentional about it!

Your scared/surprised face is the CUTEST!

You had your first big photo shoot 10 days after you were born and you were a total rockstar!

I mean.. look how cute you are!

Most people comment how alert and awake you are! You have big blue eyes and I wonder if they’ll stay that way like your Daddy’s or if they’ll change more like mine.


I’ve heard that you look more like Mama and am so eager to watch you change and grow every day!

Speaking of Daddy, he loves to give you kisses (even if you make faces when he does! Must be that mustache hair!) and always takes you from my arms as soon as he gets home from work! Since you are on formula, he helps feed you which gives Mama a break! You take about 3-4 ounces of milk every few hours and go from 0-screaming hangry when you are starting to want more food!

During this month, you have moved from newborn diapers to size one diapers.  They’re a little big on you but are much more comfortable. You wore your last newborn sleeper at one month old and are officially wearing 0-3 month clothes, even though they are a bit big on you.  Who would have thought you’d go a full month in newborn clothes?! Certainly not your Mama!


You wear sleepers mostly since we haven’t left the house much but I can’t wait to get you in all the cute clothes! You don’t mind wearing bows and i’m teaching you, No Bow, No Go (Thanks April for this term!) to try to keep you in them as long as I can when you get older 🙂


We love anything that zips, fastens or buttons so that it’s easy to get you in and out with as little frustration as possible (on your side and mine!).  Trust me, I hate when I put those onesies over your head too and have to maneuver you to get those arms in! Good thing those onesies are awfully cute!


Taking a pacifier for a few minutes before spitting it out as usual!

You get more beautiful every day and even after some rough nights, I’m still so happy to see you in the morning 🙂 You really love to lay on your blanket and kick kick kick. I could have told you that with those kicks to Mamas ribs those last few weeks! I think you’re going to be a soccer player one day!


You love to listen to Flappy the Elephant sing to you and play peek-a-boo and it can calm you down when you get frustrated! You listen for Daddy’s voice and can find him, no matter where he is and like to watch and listen to him.


Your favorite thing in the world is the yoga ball and bouncing. It’s almost an instant calmer down (unless you’re really having a meltdown!) and we like to think we’re getting a little bit of a workout while making you happy! Although, I’m hoping one day you’ll miraculously start liking your swing or bouncer because you don’t seem to be content in any of those!

Your puppies Leinie and Destin love you and Leinie can’t seem to let you be, especially if you’re upset and crying. She just needs to give you some kisses to try to make you feel better!


Destin is slowly starting to notice you more and likes to smell your head when Mama or Daddy is holding you.  Not enough to want to be with you more but just enough to notice and pay attention when you’re in the room.

You sleep in the bassinet by my side of the bed and we’ve been trying to get you to take your naps in there as well (instead of the Rock N Play where you’ve been napping)! We’ll slowly transition you to naps in your crib during the day so you can get more used to being in there! You are such a loud sleeper like your Daddy and I swear you wake me up every hour with your noises!


You LOVE your changing mat and could sit there all day, just looking around! Sometimes if you’re really upset, we can put you on there and you calm down. I also try to read you books on there since you’re calmer 🙂


My little Magnolia Kate, you are already so sassy with a mind of your own and you just know what you like just like your parents! You will definitely be our strong willed child who will do BIG things in this world! Even so, you have all of our hearts and we can’t wait to see what month two brings us and what you learn!

Love you, sweet girl!

aYour Mama


Magnolia Kate’s Birth Story

I’m still in disbelief that our Baby Girl is here with us and that she was born on Christmas Day!  Her birth story is anything but simple and easy, as if we expected any less after our journey to get her here?!

It started out the weekend before my 40 week doctor appt, my “bloody show” started that Saturday morning, followed by contractions for the rest of the weekend.  I timed them out and while they were consistent, they weren’t consistent enough to trek over to the hospital.  I figured I’d wait until my appointment on Monday with my doctor to see if anything had progressed.

Monday morning arrived and I ate a small piece of toast (I note that because I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to eat after this!) before heading out to see our doctor.  I honestly, figured he’d say I progressed a little bit and then send us home to wait a few more days before being induced.  I know he mentioned cervical ripening if I hadn’t dilated but I just knew I had to have at least dilated to a half a cm!

At my appointment, we went over everything; my contractions, bloody show, rib pain and HUGE feet/ankles.  He checked me and said I was 1 cm (finally) and that he was going to strip my membranes.  Wow, does that ever hurt?! While stripping them, a huge gush of water went all over followed by “… and your water just broke! You’re going to have a baby today!” which was surreal! He let us know that there was Meconium in my fluid and that the doctors will just keep their eye on the baby when he/she comes but everything should be ok!

The nurse wheeled me over to the hospital and got me admitted (around 8 am Christmas Eve) while Logan parked the car and brought in my hospital bag(s). Random but I totally thought that when your water broke, it was just the one gush and it stopped. I was not aware that it kept gushing throughout the WHOLE labor process. Who knew?! And so gross everytime I got up to walk or move… not the most comfortable!

I got situated in my labor room and Logan ran home quick for his own stuff and to get anything else that I forgot to pack; my makeup (yeah, totally thought I needed that….) and hair stuff (again, thought I would need that!).  They let my contractions continue on their own to see how I would progress before starting the Pitocin.  Finally, after a few hours of bouncing on a ball and watching every Office Christmas episode on TV – they started the Pitocin since I had not progressed AT ALL and was still at a 1 cm. The contractions were beginning to be painful and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Logan. He held my hand and told me how to breathe through EVERY single contraction. I have never been more in love with him than I was during this painful time.

Finally, around 6:30 pm, I decided it was time for an epidural.  They nurses checked me again and I couldn’t believe I was only 2 cm! After 10.5 hours of labor and the weekend before of contractions.  I felt like a failure getting the epidural so early but after 10.5 hours, I knew I needed some relief and was hoping the epidural would help me relax and let my body do it’s work.

After a few hours, the epidural started to wear off and I could suddenly feel EVERY contraction – it was insanely painful (props to you Mama’s who do this all natural!) and the nurses kept having the Anesthesiologist come back in and do another flush for the epidural to try to help me get some relief.  I could feel the contractions in between my butt and vagina and the pain was beyond anything I could have imagined. The contractions were about thirty seconds a part and Logan was so sweet, holding my hand and telling me to breathe everytime I felt them coming.  I could tell it was hard for him to see me in that amount of pain and while I kept crying and trying to hold it together, I couldn’t even begin to describe how I felt in that situation towards Logan. It was such an overwhelming amount of LOVE.

Around midnight, after throwing up, shaking profusely and running a fever of 103-104, the nurses informed me that they thought there was an infection and they needed to have my blood drawn to see what was going on.  Before this, they thought I was transitioning to active labor and that was the reason I was vomiting. There were two things it could have been and if I tested positive for one then that meant that Baby would need to be taken to the NICU right after birth. As luck would have it, I tested positive for Correo (sp?) and Baby G would need to be taken immediately to the NICU after birth. At that point, the doctor advised the nurses that they needed to stop EVERYTHING to allow my body to rest and get some antibiotics in my system.  My symptoms continued throughout the “stop” and Logan kept putting cold wash cloths all over me to try to help break my fever.

After about 4 hours, my fever broke and around 5 am, the nurses came in and let me know that they needed to start everything up again and to get me back in active labor.  They started the Pitocin full force and again, I began to feel all the contractions.  They were about 30 seconds apart still and something I did not think my body could truly handle!  They brought the anesthesiologist in again (there was a shift change so a new doc came in) and he continued to try to do another flush to try to ease some of the pain.  He noted that the epidural needle might be pointing up versus down and that could be the reason I was feeling it all. But decided to do a flush versus try to fix that in hopes that he wouldn’t need to adjust the needle. Unfortunately, the pain only subsided for minutes before starting up again. Around 7:30 am, there was a shift change again and one of the nurses checked me and let me know she thought I was around a 7-8 cm.  I was ecstatic to hear that and told Logan, if I’m that far along, I can do this! I felt like there was a light to the end of my tunnel and that I could get our Baby here safely on my own! I felt like I was almost there or so I thought…

The new doctor came in to check on me and after checking again, she said I was actually only a 5-5.5 cm… which meant I didn’t progress at all throughout those 2.5 hours of “active” labor. After hearing that, I broke down because I knew in my heart that I couldn’t go another 5-10  hours in the pain I was in and it had already been almost 24 hours. I told Logan and the doctor that I thought a C-Section would be the best answer for me and this baby because I already knew the baby was in distress from my infection and the last few hours of labor (her heart rate had risen to 180 from 130 and was staying pretty high). The doctor agreed that she thought that was the best plan of action and that even though the baby is down there (Baby G was at a +1 and crowning is +3 so it was impossible not to push as well with the pressure from Baby. They kept telling me to “breathe” through it versus pushing but I knew I couldn’t do that with her all the way down there and knew the risk of pushing at a 5) she prepped the OR and they got Logan a pair of scrubs.

They brought me into the OR very quickly and immediately called an Emergency C-Section and started cutting me open before Logan was even in the room.  Once he came in and sat next to me, he asked if I cared if he looked above the curtain (which shocked me since he didn’t even think he could watch the Baby being born natural!) and after the anesthesiologist and myself said yes, he peered over to see our Baby coming out.  I heard the sweetest cry and knew Baby G was OK from the meconium and that it was one less thing for Baby to overcome.

I waited for someone to tell me the gender but as they lowered the curtain, no one said anything! I looked immediately at her genitals and said “She’s a girl?!?!?!?!” I think I said it about 15 times because I couldn’t believe that this whole time Baby G was a GIRL! I looked over at Logan and said it again and he just looked at me with tears in his eyes because with everything we’ve been through, our baby girl was here!

Logan cut the umbilical cord and after weighing her (8 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long!) they put her close to me so I could see her.  If you’ve ever had a C-Section, it’s impossible to actually see baby since you’re laying flat and it’s hard to lift your head (or at least that was my experience! SoI didn’t feel like I saw saw her until later!). Logan asked if I could do skin to skin or at least have her on my chest for a little bit while they sewed me up and before taking her to NICU but they said I couldn’t.  While they were stitching me up, they whisked her away and Logan followed to start her on antibiotics and get her checked out.

This is when things really took a turn for the worst and was completely unexpected. I got back to my room after I was sewn up and couldn’t stop convulsing – they say some people do have that reaction to anesthetics but the nurse was concerned for how long it lasted and kept saying that my lips were white and my skin was gray.  They had to put me on 4 liters of oxygen just to get me breathing at a “normal” rate and they couldn’t understand what was going on. My fever came back and I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. Logan came back into the room a little bit later (when he left, I was perfectly fine and wanted him to be with Magnolia) and finally after what felt like hours, I stopped shaking.  He was showing me pictures and videos of Baby but I just couldn’t focus or see what he was showing me and I knew something more was wrong. I kept trying to grab and hold the phone but I just couldn’t get it. It was like I was grabbing into thin air. And once I had it with both hands, I couldn’t swipe to see anything and finally just had to put it down. I couldn’t even look at pictures of our new Baby Girl. I felt like I was having a stroke (based on the symptoms and what other people have described) and I kept thinking “I finally have my little baby and I don’t even know if I’m going to make it long enough to see her again”. It was SO hard, scary and discouraging.

Thankfully, after a few hours, my fever broke and they had Internal Medicine come in (along with respiratory and critical care) to check me out because no one understood what was going on. They did a CT Scan, Echo and ultrasound of my lungs and heart because they didn’t know how someone my age and as healthy as I was could be on 4 liters of oxygen and still not able to breathe all of a sudden! The tests showed two pocket like items in my lungs and after many many hours, they decided it was an excess of fluid that my body didn’t understand how to disperse so it was being stored in my lungs. They said it would work it’s way out with walking and a breathing exercise machine and they’d follow up the next day.

Hours later and I could finally go see our Baby Girl (who remained unnamed until the morning we left the hospital! We really thought she was a boy and so we hadn’t 100% agreed on a girls name!).  They wheeled me down, oxygen and IVs and all, and I could stay there for only 30 minutes because of my condition.  Our poor baby girl had an IV in her head and in her hands and feet so between her IVs and mine, it was hard holding her and snuggling.  We tried to do skin to skin but it wasn’t the most comfortable for either of us since I was in a wheelchair (and again, those darn IVs).  It was magical seeing her but nothing like I imagined. I know everyone says that but the whole 48 hours, was just plain hard!

I had imagined having her and doing skin to skin for hours and just having such a special connection with her immediately so it broke my heart that I couldn’t even comfort her when she was in the NICU.


I had to go back to my room shortly after seeing her but Logan was able to stay and do some skin to skin again with her and feed her (he also did this right when she was taken to the NICU and was situated). I’m so thankful he loves her more than anything and I heard from the NICU nurses so many times, just how wonderful he really was with her 🙂

This basket was made by a family who lost their little girl years ago – they always donate baskets on their baby girl’s birthday as well as on Christmas!

She was finally able to come to our room about 36 hours later but then spiked a fever and was experiencing weird breathing patterns so after monitoring her for a few hours, they had the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner come up and look at her again.  She was concerned because she wasn’t having these issues when she was with them but said she knew we just got her in our room and she’d let her stay with us as long as her breathing remained consistent and her fever broke.  Thankfully, after being monitored for a few hours, her fever broke and she got to stay with us until we were discharged the next afternoon.

Our birth story is nothing but crazy (and a bit scary!) but our little Magnolia Kate is here and healthy and that’s all that truly matters.

Magnolia Kate, as hard as those days were, I would do it all again to have you here with us! I can’t wait to see what BIG things you do in this world and can’t believe that we’re officially parents!


39 (almost 40) week Bumpdate!

Happy weekend before Christmas! I worked today and am hoping it’s my last day before maternity leave (since we’re off Monday and Tuesday)! Fingers crossed!

I don’t feel like our lives will be changing in hopefully the next few days and it’s such a surreal feeling trying to believe it all! Let’s get into how it’s been the last few weeks… it’s been a bit rough!

How Far Along? 39 weeks! Only a few days shy of 40 weeks!

Size of Baby:
 A Pumpkin – and boy it feels like it!

Gender: We’re SO close to finding out! Or so I’m hoping…

Weight Gain: 
Ooph – I’m up to 40 pounds… My swelling has been a bit crazy the last few weeks and I gained about 4 pounds in the last week. I thought I’d max out at 30 pounds so 40 is a bit crazy to me!

Maternity Clothes:
 Wearing both still! Somehow I can still fit into my sweaters and some pre-pregnancy tops. Pants are only maternity leggings – I think I wore maternity jeans twice?! But I basically only wear leggings (maternity) because that’s all that’s comfy!

Nursery: The nursery is all done finally and it’s really sweet
. It was fun being able to share with the girls at my cookie party last week! It’s quiet, serene and comfy! My inlaws were in town last weekend and they were lucky enough to sleep in there – with an air mattress of course (the basement is SO close to being done and well have our guest bedroom(s) back!).

 ALL THE TIME. I love this  and don’t at the same time. The baby  has been up in my ribs for quite some time but baby is also A LOT bigger than he/she was when they first started up there. So now, it’s beyond painful. I’m talking 24 hours a day of pain and it doesn’t subside. At my last appointment on Tuesday, I told the doc that he/she must be stuck in my ribs or something and somehow we need to get the baby to move!! He said the baby is most likely separating my ribs and the tendons are tearing quite a bit… The doctor also noted that normally babies slow down by now and aren’t moving as much but lucky for me, Baby G is making room on his/her own since he’s running out of it! When I feel where it’s killing on my ribs, I can feel him/her moving around!

 See above for the wonderful pain I’ve been feeling. I mean it doesn’t stop! My heartburn has been the same as previously as well – unfortunately the pills he prescribed aren’t working as well – so it hasn’t been the most fun! My feet and ankles really swelled up the last week as well – so much so that he had me tested for preeclampsia just to be safe because of my pain and feet! I’m full after the smallest of food and then feel so sick afterwards 😦 I feel like if the baby would just drop more and I had relief on my ribs then I could definitely go longer but man, this last few weeks has been pretty rough and I’m READY for baby to be here!

 Thankfully, aside from having to pee a few times a night, I’ve been able to sleep pretty well. I’m usually SO exhausted throughout the day so by the time we go into bed, I’m passed out pretty quickly! It’s getting a lot harder (and more uncomfortable) to roll from side to side though with my big belly! Just SO much weight!

Cravings: Nothing new this week – still craving pizza and all the sweets!

What I Miss: I miss having a glass of wine and feeling normal! The rib pain has really gotten to me the last 2 weeks and I can’t wait to feel some relief – although then I’ll be sore and hurting in another place once that happens so we’ll see which I think is worse! I miss being able to bend over and it not hurt as well as wear normal shoes or boots!

Best Moment This Week:
 Knowing there’s an end in sight, or hopefully! I can’t wait to meet Baby G and I really hoped he/she would make their appearance on their own before 40 weeks… however, that doesn’t seem to be the case! I’m still not dilated at all (not even to 1/2 cm) and while I know everyone says, including my doctor, that you don’t have to be dilated for anything to happen or start but I don’t have too many contraction and I just don’t think it’s happening on it’s own! My next appt is Monday and he’ll check again if I’m dilated and if not, he said he’d send us over to the hospital that night for cervical ripening BEFORE an induction.  The cervical ripening happens for about 12 hours – so he said to be prepared to be at the hospital for 2-3 days BEFORE a baby comes – which is rough 😦

Looking Forward To:
 Meeting Baby G!! Finding out baby’s gender and seeing who he/she looks like! Finding out  how big Baby is (I feel like he/she is HUGE!!) and being done with pregnancy and all the rib pain! No joke, it’s been rough lately!

Thanks for sticking with me through this journey! I can’t believe we’re almost to the end of it and beginning the best one yet – being parents! We’re just in the waiting stages AGAIN but hoping next week, we’re at the end (or this weekend??!).

I can’t wait to share Baby G with you all and the nursery, my hospital bag (which is currently in the back of the car ready!) and all the things 🙂

Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas! Let’s hope the next post is sharing Baby G!


Gift basket for the newly pregnant Mama-To-Be!

I love making gift baskets for people for any occasion; engagements, birthdays, weddings, etc. But when it came to pregnancy baskets or for moms to be, that was harder for me. Partly because of the season of life we were in with trying so hard but also because I’ve never been a Mama so it was hard to know what one would want!

I’m constantly asked “what can I get someone who is newly pregnant to show how excited I am?!” and I just love that y’all are thinking of others and how you can celebrate them! I’ve been meaning to share this with everyone so they can get some ideas and inspiration but #pregnancybrain

My sweet friend, Steph surprised me with this cute care package after we told them I was pregnant! We have been so fortunate to have some really great friends who have been SO supportive of our journey to become parents!

How cute is this mom-to-be care package?! She picked things that she used throughout her pregnancies and things that would be beneficial to me! And who doesn’t love a sweet gift package??

Everything in it was so thoughtful and totally practical and it was just so fun to go through!

  • She had the following items in the box:
    • Cute pineapple cup for mocktails (and it’s Lilly colors even!!)
      Cocoa butter lotion – to help with dry skin
      Travel tums – to help with heartburn
      Bath salts – to help with muscle aches
      Chapstick – to help with dry lips
      Photo album – for baby’s first pictures!
      Thank you notes – for all those thank you notes you’ll write 🙂
      Goldfish crackers – to help with morning sickness
      Journal/notepad – to help with pregnancy brain (it’s a real thing, y’all!!)
      Pregnancy journal – to help with keeping memories
      Candy – to help with cravings!
      Candle – to help with foul odors

    I haven’t been the best at gifting others with these cute baskets but it’s on my list for what Mamas-to-be would love!

    It was one of the sweetest gifts I’ve gotten because it is just nice to know you’re thought of 🙂

    Have you made baskets like this and if so (or not even!) what else did you include?! Or what else could be included for future Mamas?


    36 Week Bumpdate!

    I feel like all I post lately are “life lately” blog posts and bumpdates! I swear I’ll get more creative once I have more energy 🙂

    I swear this whole pregnancy has just been surreal! How are we under 30 days until we get to meet our precious little Baby?!  I still don’t feel 100% pregnant most days (even though I’m very clearly pregnant haha!) and I don’t think it’s hit either Logan or myself completely that we’ll have a little baby by the years end!  We are just SO excited and thankful for all of this!

    Alright, now onto what’s been going on!

    How Far Along? 36 weeks!

    Size of Baby:
     A Cantaloupe! or it says Baby G is as big as a 2-liter of soda (crazyyyyy)

     Getting more and more eager to know! I still think Boy 100% and Logan is saying girl! So we’ll see….

    Weight Gain: 
    I’m up 30 pounds…. but have my doctor appointment this morning so I’m guessing it’ll be up a bit more since that was my last appt at 34 weeks!

    Maternity Clothes:
     Yes and no still – thankfully I can still fit in some of my non-maternity sweaters and tops so I’ve been able to just wear maternity leggings with those! I do have a pair of maternity jeans as well but think I’ve worn them only a handful of times because leggings are just so much more comfy! I also like the under the belly leggings – over the top are just too itchy for me!

    We are almost there people!! We just have to put things on the wall and then I’ll be ready to share it 🙂 Are you excited or what?! ha! I’m hoping to figure out where I want everything – and what I even want to put up since things have changed since we first started and I first started collecting! All I can say is it’s VERY gender neutral – it’s a soft gray and white/cream and it’ll be nice and cozy for Baby G.

     So much movement most of the time, which I love! I finally got a video of Baby moving since I always forget to and figure we’ll like to look back at Baby moving so much! I think I can feel when Baby has his/her heel in my ribs by pressing on my belly and it’s just been so sweet! The Baby was crazy Thanksgiving night – just wouldn’t stop moving for almost an hour! Logan was going nuts over it 🙂 And my Mama got to feel Baby for the first time and she was just in awe!

     Hmm well, I might have overdid it a little the day before Thanksgiving – I took off work and yet didn’t sit down ONCE all day with cleaning, cooking and helping Logan with the basement (that is almost finished, kind of!).  On Thanksgiving, I had swollen ankles/feet for the first time and they were legit cankles and it was SO uncomfortable. Also, the round ligament (or so I’m guessing) came around and it hurt to even move in my groin/lower stomach area! Thankfully I sat most of the day with my feet up and then it was OK on Friday! I also have my first cold with Baby G this week and it’s been terrible! SO MUCH CONGESTION! We laid low all weekend (literally did nothing) and I’m still not feeling too great. I even passed up getting our Christmas tree… who am I?! That’s how bad I felt!

     Sleep has been tricky since having a cold – I can’t breathe out of my nose and my mouth is comfortable, and it’s not draining down my throat so then my throat hurts… you get the hint! Hoping to be on the mend though and able to get more sleep (minus all the bathroom breaks!).

    Cravings: Apple juice, Apple juice, Apple juice! That craving is real! And also, craving mini candy canes (my favorite!).

    What I Miss: I miss wearing my wedding ring… it became too tiny a few weeks ago and I just miss wearing it! I miss being able to take medicine that will help versus the VERY small “approved” list from the doctor! But thankful I can take something versus nothing!

    Best Moment This Week:
     Feeling Baby G move around SO much lately! I don’t know if I’ll miss being pregnant like most people say but I do like feeling Baby G in there! Also just taking the day on Thursday last week to really reflect on our grateful we are for this whole experience.  It’s not lost on me how lucky we are to be having this little Baby shortly and even though our experience “getting here” wasn’t the easiest – we’re just so grateful for it all!

    Looking Forward To:
     Feeling better and rejuvenated! We are less than 30 days out and I definitely don’t want to feel sick or exhausted going into labor – that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?! I’m also looking forward to snuggling our little one! SO terrified for labor/delivery still but I absolutely cannot wait to see if Baby G is a girl or boy and to just have him/her here with us!

    Thank you so much for following along and all the kind words always! It’s so amazing to have such a supportive community around us 🙂 Also… I’ve been packing my hospital bag (I realize it’s a little late!) and if you have anything that you thought was a MUST, let me know! Or if you’d like to see my list of what I’m bringing, let me know that too and I’d be happy to post and share! I checked with two of my good girlfriends to see if my list was a bit “extra” but thankfully they both said not at all – and it looks great!


    Life Lately!

    Happy Friday!!

    Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared what’s been going on in our world! We always seem to have something going on – and if we don’t then we do because we’re also finishing our basement before Baby arrives… A little ambitious huh?!

    I’ve been trying to fill my weekends with Holiday events or at least something fun once a weekend!

    So here’s a little look at life lately in the Griedl world:

    A few weekends ago, I attended a fun Holiday Boutique event downtown Minneapolis with Jess!

    Holiday Boutique

    We shopped and made these fun little succulent hangers…


    spoiler alert… I had to throw mine away because it was just bad… and it wouldn’t stay inside the actual container! #fail

    Later that night, Logan and I attended a friend of ours Halloween Party!


    Our first of MANY family Halloween costumes! Logan came up with this one!

    Amy always goes ALL out and outdoes herself every time 🙂


    Bats galore all lover! Such a fun party!

    I wish I would have taken pictures of it all because even the magazines in the bathroom had funky eyes on each person on the covers!


    How awesome are their costumes?! Elaine is always SO creative and made these! Their little boy was Abu but he was sleeping at this point 🙂

    They even had signature drinks… and let me tell you – they looked and smelled SO good! Logan sampled them all of course and I’m hoping she makes this an annual thing so I can enjoy some cocktails next year 😉


    The next morning we had our sweet little Niece, Nora’s baptism.


    We feel so honored to have been asked to be her Godparents!


    Just a little pictured out I’d say 🙂 Love time with my siblings (above!)

    Contrary to these pictures, she is always smiling and such a happy girl! She did SO well during the baptism and service that we were all so happy to be there with her and my Brother and Sister-in-Law to celebrate!


    Such a sweet girl!

    I attended the infamous Bachman Holiday Idea’s House with Jess last week!


    And we got just a bit of snow the same night!

    I was going to share all the pictures but I’ll save that for next week since it’ll be even more picture overload otherwise!

    This past weekend, we had a double date with our good friends, Ashton and Ryan!


    We went to the movie, The Grinch and then enjoyed some great Mexican food after 🙂 Recipe for a perfect night!

    Funny note – it showed up on my timehop (or whatever it’s called) on facebook that the same weekend last year, we saw the Grinch at the Children’s theater with these same friends!


    Too funny! I was shocked when I saw it happened to be on the same weekend!

    We are hosting Thanksgiving next week since we can’t travel and I’m excited!  We usually travel to either my side or Logan’s for the holiday – the only time we didn’t was when we had our first Thanksgiving together and neither of us had off for Black Friday! So instead, my Mama visited from FL that year and stayed with us for a few days so we weren’t alone!

    thanksgiving 2010

    We look just a little different now a days, don’t we?! Haha!


    That’ll be the same this year – my Mom, brother, SIL, niece, friends will all join us which makes it easier not traveling (and not feeling like you’re missing out!). So we’re thankful to have people visit us instead!

    Well that’s about all that we’ve been up to lately!

    Baby G won’t stop kicking around near my ribs so I’m going to go enjoy this time with our sweet little one all snuggled up inside of me! 🙂 Oh yeah.. and get to work!

    Have a great weekend! I’m planning my hospital bag list – and I’ve asked a few of my good friends who are Mama’s for some must haves… but if you have some too, please let me know!!



    34 Week Bumpdate!


    Happy Thursday!

    I can’t believe that we’re a week away from Thanksgiving and tomorrow is Friday! Last week went incredibly slow so I’m happy this one is going a little bit faster! It’s been a while (again) since I did an update and have had so many people reach out and see how it’s going SO I thought I’d share a fun bumpdate 🙂

    This picture is from last Friday when I was 33 weeks but we take our bump pictures on Fridays so I’ll have to update this one with my 34 week picture tomorrow evening!

    Let’s get started!

    How Far Along? 34 weeks!

    Size of Baby:
     Acorn squash (getting biggg!)

     Clearly still waiting…… we’re down to 5.5 weeks though so hopefully it’ll be here before we know it!

    Weight Gain: 
    I’m up 30 pounds…. which is what I would like to have maxed out at for weight gain but oh well. The doc isn’t worried about it so I’m trying not to!

    Maternity Clothes:
     Still wearing both – maternity and non-maternity. I just realized that I only have about 4 shirts I bought that are maternity so thankfully my sweaters are still fitting and the majority of my tops (it helps that I didn’t wear super tight stuff before I guess!) so I’m happy about that. I’m definitely only wearing maternity leggings though…. 99% of the time 🙂 I’m in the office today though and normally we have a “dress for your day” policy so leggings are good but I have a meeting with an agent in person so finding something to wear that is more professional looking has been a bit of a challenge…

    Oh my… we’re getting there!! We have the crib, dresser and glider all up and ready 🙂 I’ve washed all of baby’s clothes and the majority of the blankets and have started organizing everything.  It’s the BEST ever! Logan is still working on the closet for me and then we’ll put things on the wall (still deciding on all that) and it’ll be perfect!! I’m LOVING the nursery and find myself just sitting on the glider for no reason at all dreaming of holding Baby G in there 🙂

     Definitely on the move a lot! We had our 34 week appt earlier this week and the Doctor was laughing because Baby G wouldn’t stop moving, kicking, rolling from side to side! We got to listen for a long time (normally it’s just a few mins) since he was waiting for Baby’s heart rate to go back to normal…. Baby was just so happy apparently and wanted to show off 🙂 Baby’s heart rate has been pretty stable in the 130s the last few weeks BUT this week it was 145-150s he said!

     Heartburn is still there… thankfully I do still have the meds which are helping but it’s a daily thing… and not just for a little bit but for the whole day! So I’m learning to live with that! Baby better come out with a lot of hair with all this heartburn – although Logan and myself were both pretty bald for a while so we’ll see! A new one has been my hands cramping SO bad at night! When I get up to go to the bathroom at night (multiple times), my fingers hurt so bad just moving them! They’re find during the day but it’s always in the middle of the night and when I wake up in the morning. Of course, I forgot to mention this to the doc because #pregnancybrain so I’ll have to follow up with him on that one.

     Sleep has been good… for the most part! I’m up peeing like 3-4 times a night which is a pain but otherwise, I’ve been able to sleep for a few hours in between! I am definitely having the WEIRDEST dreams ever but that’s normal with all my hormones!

    Cravings: Nothing too crazy – still loving pizza, cereal, ice cream and #allthesweets!

    What I Miss: I miss not having to pee every half hour and having clothes that just fit “normal” without this big belly! But I’m soaking it all in since Baby G will be here before we know it! I also miss being able to sleep on my back… my hips are a little bit sore from always laying on my sides!

    Best Moment This Week:
     Hearing Baby G’s heartbeat so strong and sweet 🙂 That’s always the best! And all the movements from Baby. It’s amazing to look down and see my stomach moving while feeling it all. Also, still seeing Logan’s face when he feels Baby G move or kick after talking to him/her 🙂 literally the sweetest thing ever!

    Looking Forward To:
     Getting the nursery completely done and hospital bag packed! I know I still have a little time and Baby will most likely come late since it’s my first but I’m a planner and since I can’t plan for Baby’s gender/name/nursery for gender, I can plan for these things! I’m looking forward to meeting Baby G – while I’m still very nervous about the whole labor and delivery/recovery/breastfeeding part, I absolutely cannot wait to hold our little Baby in my arms and know he/she is safe and healthy!

    We have accomplished so much lately… we’ve finished our birthing classes, had our hospital tour last night and we have my breastfeeding class tonight (yes Logan is coming!) and it’s just so surreal. I know it sounds INSANE but it really does not feel like we are having a baby so soon! I don’t even feel pregnant 90% of the time (minus the big belly and peeing so often!).  I’m not sure if most people feel that way – it doesn’t seem like it when talking to others – but I just think we’ve prayed and wanted this for SO long that it coming to fruition just doesn’t seem real! God is SO good!

    Logan and I were talking the other night and I asked “Did it feel like this pregnancy has gone fast or slow?” and he said “extremely slooooooow!” and he’s so right! Sometimes I’m like, “how am I almost 35 weeks pregnant?!?!” and other times it’s like “Ok, we’ve been doing fertility treatments for forever so how come we still don’t have baby here?!” but we are just so blessed and excited to meet our little Baby that it doesn’t matter how long it’s taken to get here! But please Baby G…. grace us with your presence a day or two before Christmas so we can be home with you for it 🙂

    Baby G, we are SO excited to meet you and feel so honored that God chose us to be your parents 🙂


    Maternity Pictures!

    If you know me, then you know I’m borderline obsessed in love with pictures!  I like pictures for special events, special people and even the mundane events (I mean, who goes to Paris and contacts a photographer for some professional pictures on vacation?! I’m pretty sure 99% of people thought I was crazy when I said we were doing that.. my husband included!) of every day life but these are pictures I will forever cherish and love!

    I know I say this often, but there was a time I didn’t know if we’d have this special moment of expecting a little one and because of that, these pictures are even more special.


    It was SUCH a cold morning (33 degrees!) and SO incredibly windy.  Thankfully the rain held off but the dew on the ground was beyond wet.  I envisioned red, yellow and orange leaves all over but with the weather this fall – going from 90 degree days to 40 overnight – the trees just didn’t quite turn as beautiful as they usually do.  This just seemed SO fitting with our journey, that we wouldn’t have a beautiful colorful day with warm, dry weather but we persevered and ended up getting some really good pictures!


    We even almost didn’t do a second outfit because I was beyond freezing and my feet were drenched – I wore sandals since you couldn’t see my feet and I didn’t want anything too bulky underneath just in case.


    Jess kept saying – I think if we don’t do any in the second outfit, you’ll regret it… and I just want to make sure you get every picture you want! I’m so glad she kept saying that! I think it’s a nice change up from our dressier outfits and I really wanted to make sure we got a picture with our sweet book!


    We need to decide which ones we’ll blow up to a little bigger for the Baby’s room since I’d like a picture or two in there 🙂 Any help with which are your favorites would be great!


    This was also the one photoshoot that Logan was SO cooperative during! He didn’t make any faces and kept saying “if you want to do another pose or another outfit, whatever you want!!” but I was just SO cold that it was hard to focus on staying out there longer than an hour!


    The picture above was in standing water… we didn’t realize it when we walked down the hill to it and into the swamp but as soon as I went further in, I was completed sunken in ice cold water! We walked back out a little bit but anything for a good shot 🙂


    Don’t mind the bruising on my arm from the glucose test! Those bruises stuck around for a little bit!



    There have never been more truer words than this book…


    We will always remember our journey and how hard it was to get Baby G  here and we’ll always be incredibly thankful for this opportunity to be Baby G’s parents ❤



    We just ordered our Christmas cards – yes I know it’s early – and it was hard deciding on the picture to use!  We didn’t use any of these ones though so it’ll still be a surprise when people receive them after Thanksgiving!


    Baby G, you are loved beyond words!

    Let me know which ones are your favorites for us to put in Baby’s room – Lord knows I have a hard time making those decisions!

    Photography: Jess Nolan – photographer if you’re in the Minneapolis area!


    31 Weeks Bumpdate

    Excuse the no filter, no makeup, just rode in a car for 5 hours with no shower bump picture 😊 Also we take my bump pictures on Fridays so this picture is from last week (even though tomorrow I’ll be 32 weeks!).

    Only a few more weeks of these updates – well more than a few – since we’re almost to the home stretch! The biggest obstacle this week?! Telling everyone they have to get a flu shot if they want to see or hold the Baby! We haven’t told friends yet but we started to tell family and while most understand and have already gotten it for us – some aren’t so thrilled… Sorry but we are definitely going to be those parents in the beginning! The docs say the flu is going to be pretty bad this year so we need all the protection we can get for Baby G to stay healthy!  Did any of you have to do this?!

    Moving on to our bumpdate and all the info!

    How Far Along? 31 weeks!

    Size of Baby:
     A bunch of asparagus 🙂

     Dying to find out!! We’re waiting and still have another 8.5 weeks but I can’t wait to see if we have a Baby Boy or Baby Girl!

    Weight Gain: 
    I’m up 25 pounds (at least at my 28 week appointment, I was!). I was hoping I’d only gain the recommended 25-30 pounds but have a feeling I’ll be a bit over since I still have a bit to go!

    Maternity Clothes:
     I’m wearing both maternity and non-maternity still! Pant wise.. give me all the maternity leggings and jeans! But dress wise.. most are non-maternity! I have a few maternity tops (like the one I wore in the last life lately post) but thankfully I can still wear a lot of my non-maternity tops since I never wore too fitted of tops!

    The crib is up!! I repeat.. the crib is up! We had our carpets cleaned last week so we could finally start doing more in the nursery! Logan put the crib up last Sunday and now we’re just waiting to order our glider and dresser to figure out where I want things to go! I’m such a visual person so I need to see it before I decide (something Logan hates!).

     Baby G is moving around like crazy! Some days  more than others but almost always at night. Baby moves and more than just kicks but full ripple effects 🙂 It would be SO interesting to see what Baby looks like while he/she is doing all those  movements since at our 19 week ultrasound, Baby didn’t move a whole lot! I love feeling it though – it’s like Oh hi Baby G! 🙂

     Thankfully my heartburn has been a bit more under control thanks to the Doc prescribing me some meds to help! But I’m hoping it means Baby will have lots of hair! Logan and I were pretty much bald so it’ll be interesting to see what Baby comes out with! I’m exhausted almost always and have to pee every 10  minutes but other than that I’m doing good with no symptoms! Still feeling good so that’s been nice!

     I’ve been sleeping pretty good… weird dreams galore but otherwise pretty good! Thankfully I’ve learned to like my Snoogle pregnancy pillow – not quite at LOVE yet but I like it and it’s been more comfy for my hips when I use it! I still get up to pee all the time but Logan and I switched sides of the bed (begrudgingly but since I was so sick that one week, I agreed to get to the toilet faster!) so it’s been easier to get to the bathroom to pee! I’m happy if I only get up twice!

    Cravings: I haven’t really had any cravings where I was like “I HAVE to have it!!” but I still do love sweets and pizza! Thankfully I haven’t had any weird ones either because I’m not sure I could handle that! haha!

    What I Miss: Hmm I miss sleeping on my back!! OH my, does it feel good when I lay on my back for even 2 seconds before rolling back over to my side.  I miss wearing a lot of my clothes that I love for fall. I miss caffeine – and a good cold sub sandwich! But I’d give up anything for this baby so I’m good! And honestly, since I passed my glucose test, I’m more than happy to give up anything else (aside from all sugar!) 🙂

    Best Moment This Week:
     My baby shower with my in-laws was pretty great! And seeing the crib in the nursery! It still feels SO surreal but slowly it’s feeling more real!  We also finished our birthing classes this week which is crazy! I know not everyone does these but they definitely made us feel more knowledgeable and I’m all about the more I know.. the better!

    Looking Forward To:
     Getting the nursery together! And also having NO plans until Baby is here! I mean, we have a few things here and there but nothing that we’re traveling too far for or for too long! I’m excited to relax and start getting the nursery more put together little by little!

    I can’t believe that I’m 32 weeks tomorrow which means after that it’ll be less than 8 weeks – haha! Thank you all for following along over all these weeks and for all your support! I truly am so thankful for this experience and definitely am not taking any of it for granted!