These are my Confessions…

Is everyone singing Usher now after reading that title? I sure am!!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some random thoughts on this little space so thought, why not?! Full disclaimer: I don’t have any pictures in this post – I know posts like that are boring but you’re going to have to just deal with it today!

Also.. can we talk about the weather for a minute?! So we all complain when it’s cold here.. which it is 9 months out of the year! Then we complain it’s too hot – I’m looking at you, 90+ degree days (which I used to love!!) and now its back to highs of 70 today! Like what is the deal, Mother Nature?! Want to make sure we’re still on our game here or what?

Just a little tangent, as usual 🤣 onto those “thought provoking” thoughts:

  • I keep seeing everyone on Facebook advertising for the L’ange curling irons and straighteners.. Like the company is just giving them away. If that’s the case, I’ll take one over here!! 🤣
  • Drinking 90 ounces of water (what the doc recommended while pregnant) is near impossible. I swear I am lucky to get up to 75! I’m working on it! And please don’t recommend adding flavor to my water.. it’s not the taste that I don’t like, im just not THAT thirsty all day!
  • Leinie is obsessed with #allthingsbaby and can’t get enough of Baby Gs closet with all his/her stuff in it! I couldn’t find her last night and there she was.. laying in the closet after trying to snuggle everything Baby! She’s going to be the crazy pup IN the baby swing with the baby 🤣
  • I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and they sure have all their fall and some Christmas stuff out and honestly.. I’m not mad about it! I can’t wait to start decorating for fall in September!
  • I hate going into a public bathroom when there is a line.. I mean, I want to pick my own stall out, not just go to the next available. And usually I’m stuck with the one closest to the door (that i swear people can see into on the sides of the door) that needs to be cleaned up a little. Not a fan!
  • I really can’t wait for Pumpkin Spice (decaf) Lattes! Like really can’t wait!
  • I started my Christmas shopping (yes I’m THAT person) and now I want to cross more people off my list! Hint hint family.. give me your ideas now, 5 months in advance 🤣 I figure with Baby coming anytime around then, I’ll be really happy I started so early when the time comes!
  • It’s still unbelievable and crazy to me that we’re going to have a BABY this year!!
  • I swear, I have 50 scarves and never barely wear any! Yes, it’s summer I get that but I’m talking fall, winter, spring… but somehow I still always think I need more when I see them. Don’t you ever see the cutest scarf and just need it?! Even if you only wear it once or twice…. I feel like I already shared this thought with you a while back but #pregnancybrain I don’t feel as bad though because I just purged my closet in the office where Baby Gs nursery will be 🙂
  • My Lilly Pulitzer dresses officially don’t fit too well. I tried a few of my cute tank dresses on this week and with my bump, the dresses ride up so high in the front. Not cute! So then I’m struggling with the Lilly Sale coming up in a few weeks.. like do I order a few things for next year and hope I lose the weight or… do I not buy anything?! Omg I can’t NOT buy anything! #firstworldproblems If only I knew if Baby G was a girl…. 😬 #thestruggleisreal 🤣

Well.. that’s all folks! At least for this random Thursday!

Have a good one!

  • Kristi
  • Weekend rewind!

    Whew, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve shared about our weekends around these parts so figured you’d all be dying to hear what we did! 🤣 also… how is it Monday already?!

    I mentioned on Friday, but we headed down to Madison this weekend to visit my family as well as celebrate my Aunt and Uncles retirement! Logan and my Dad folded on Friday while I visited/had lunch with my aunts and cousins! I even got to spend a small amount of time with my Grandma which is always treasured time!

    My cousin and his family flew in from New York and we just LOVE seeing them! We both happen to be pregnant at the same time (only 3 weeks apart!) so it was fun comparing and asking for #allthetips! Shes getting ready for Baby number 2!

    We headed out for the surprise retirement party later that night and it was such a great time! I just love seeing all my cousins (and their wives!! Love them all!) and catching up.

    It was a low key celebration which ended up being perfect!

    This picture reminds me of the last time I was in Madison celebrating another thing..

    When we went out on the town to celebrate Johanna before the wedding! So much fun!

    Saturday, we had a lazy morning before heading down to the Farmers Market downtown!

    We met up with my Aunts for a short time again before heading back to my Dads to grill out and relax for the night!

    It’s funny, I used to love being busy busy busy when I was younger but sitting out on the porch with some apps and chatting (there’s clearly a theme, right?! 🤣) is what I really love nowadays! Being pregnant and exhausted 24/7 plays a part I’m sure 😉

    We headed back home on Sunday, ran a few errands and got ready for the week! I’m already looking forward to the next visit – which will be celebrating Baby G! So excited!

    What did you do this weekend? Laid low or crazy busy?! Also.. I started registering for Baby and I need #allthehelp so if you could tell me your MUST HAVE Baby items, I would totally appreciate it!


    Friday Favorites!

    I planned 3 different posts this week and somehow this is the only one I’m finally publishing! Ooph! Get ready for a few next week then 🙂

    I’m writing this on our drive down to Madison for a quick weekend! We don’t get down here very often but we’re excited to see all of my family!!

    I thought I’d share a few favorites from the last few weeks! Some are products, some are updated and some are things I’ve been doing!


    These girls…

    I finally had dinner with these sweet girls last week and it was so nice to see them!! I hadn’t seen Natalie since my cookie exchange (yes, in December!) and Jess since April so it was so much fun catching up before Natalie’s big day next month! I’m looking forward to hopefully doing these monthly!

    Also, if you’re in Minneapolis… Young Joni’a was legit really good! Definitely recommend it!


    I had my 16 week check up last week and also had a fall this past weekend (I’m ok, don’t worry!) so I got to hear Baby Gs heartbeat twice the last week! We also got good results from one of our tests for Baby so that’s a big plus too!

    I don’t have a pic of Baby so figured I’d share this one from last week!


    The Nordstrom sale… its always a favorite of mine but I didn’t share as much about it this year! I started my Christmas shopping and marked a few people off my list, bonus!

    Here’s some of my favorites!

    Great for post baby and breast feeding! I put this one on my Christmas list since Baby will be here around then and I can’t wait to snuggle and be cozy in this!

    This isn’t necessarily part of the sale but i just love it! I loved it pre pregnancy and will love it post pregnancy too! Love outfits like that! My dress in the bump pictures is the same version but long sleeve!

    A fail of the week…

    And really.. I know everyone raved over this sweater but it really ate me up! So this was a definite no…

    Also.. why do bloggers pose like this with sweaters?! It makes the cardigans look super cute but I can’t imagine anyone truly wears it like this out…


    This past weekend, we went to the farmers market downtown and it was Logan’s first time! He was shocked with how big it was and how much food there was!

    I made sure to pick up some Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (my favorite!!) amongst a ton of veggies for the weekend! Logan kept saying “we have to bring my parents to this next time they’re in town!”. He was pretty excited and I loved that we did something out of the ordinary!

    That’s it! If you were waiting to shop the Nordstrom sale, go check it out now! It’s open to the public 🙂

    I’ll be back next week with just a few posts! Happy weekend!


    Pregnancy Weeks 14 & 15!

    I can’t believe I’m 16 weeks along already! Time is going fast but so slow at the same time – does that even make sense?! I realized I never hit the “publish” button on these last week so here’s a catch up to now 🙂

    How Far Along? 14 weeks

    Size of Baby:
     A sweet little peach!

     Looks like we won’t know Baby G’s gender until he/she comes out! Some days it’s SO hard not knowing especially with IVF because we could have found out immediately but other days, it’s not so bad looking at gender neutral things!

    Weight Gain: 
    I was up 7 pounds at my 12 week appointment and that’s the last I was weighed!  I’m hoping it doesn’t keep creeping up so quickly since the doctor advised he’d like to see my weight gain between 25-30 (at most) lbs!

    Maternity Clothes:
     I have a pair of maternity leggings and so far, that’s all I’ve tried! My dresses are already coming up a bit from my bump though but hoping I can rock them throughout summer!

    We haven’t done a whole lot with this part yet!  We do have our crib and a few other things but we need to get our basement finished before we can move our guest bedroom/office out of baby’s nursery!

     Nothing yet!

     Some days are better than others with my nausea and I’m realllly hoping it goes away soon indefinitely until Baby G comes! I’m still pretty tired but sometimes feel more of a surge of energy that I thought I’d be feeling in the second trimester 🙂

     Still tired and as soon as my head hits the pillow at night, I’m out! I do notice that when I roll from side to side (on my back in the middle), I have some straining/stretching which is a little bit uncomfortable but otherwise, sleeping OK!

     Nothing too in particular… I still want more junk food than healthy food (which is normal for me pre-pregnancy!) but I’ve been trying to be better with eating more fruit/veggies/protein!

    What I Miss:
     I miss a good cold frozen margarita on these hot days! 🙂

    Best Moment This Week:
     Hearing Baby G’s heartbeat!! Gosh, that will never get old! He/She was moving around while we listened and it was so neat to hear it! The Nurse said we have an active one in there 🙂

    Looking Forward To:
     All the pregnancy things! I can’t wait for our next appointment and ultrasound.  I can’t wait to start working on the nursery! I can’t wait to start feeling Baby move… I mean, ALL OF IT!

    How Far Along? 15 weeks

    Size of Baby:
     An orange!

     Still deciding Boy AND Girl names since we won’t know Baby G’s gender until he/she makes their appearance!

    Weight Gain: 
    We’ll see at my appointment next week……. a little nervous about this just because I don’t mind having a belly (mind you, AT ALL) but I’m nervous to go over the recommended weight gain!  I know people go over it a lot but I just want to be as healthy as possible for Baby G!

    Maternity Clothes:
     I finally bit the bullet and went into Motherhood Maternity with Logan and my SIL and bought 2 pairs of sweatpants type shorts and a nursing bra because we were headed to the camper and I wanted to be comfy! The sales lady was a bit aggressive and said to try my pre-pregnancy size in shorts (so I grabbed the smalls) and said the nursing bra was also my t-shirt size…. which is a small…. I sized up in the bra to a medium and seriously?!?! My boobs have gotten SO big that there’s no way that would even work – so if any larger chested Mama’s are out there, what did you use?! I’m up to a size G already and I’m not even half way through…….. Also, the shorts didn’t work. So all went back!

    I feel like everyone does this but I really love baby elephants and think we’ll incorporate them somehow into the nursery 🙂 We found the cutest elephant stuffed animal that sang at the Christmas Store and it solidified my thoughts on an elephant warm beige nursery… for now at least!

     Nothing yet…. Hoping it’ll start soon enough since I’m getting almost to half way point! SO excited!

     Ugh, the nausea has definitely not subsided this week… With the heat and humidity, it hasn’t helped either.  Praise all you Mama-to-be’s who were 8-9 months pregnant during the summer! I don’t mind the heat at all normally, so it’s weird to get so hot so fast! I also noticed that dairy products have not been good to my tummy lately either.. I’m still drinking milk a few times a day to get that calcium in but man it’s rough! And I love milk!!

     Can we talk about all the weird pregnancy dreams?!?!? And most don’t even have to do with pregnancy or Baby G! Like Woah…….

     I’ve been really loving pizza this week 🙂 And breadsticks… all the bread! Make note of my concerns about weight gain above…….

    What I Miss:
     Shopping for clothes! It’s no shock to anyone that I love shopping but lately I haven’t wanted to shop because A) things I used to wear aren’t as cute anymore with my “does she have a bump or is she just larger” belly B) I don’t know how long they’ll fit with my bump increasing in size! Don’t get me wrong, I am SO excited for my belly to get bigger as Baby G grows but I just feel like I’m still in the in between stage so dressing it and being cute is still something I’m trying to tackle.

    Best Moment This Week:
     We spent time with my in-laws during this week(end) and it was so nice!  They live further away so we usually only visit 2-3 times a year so it was nice to spend time with them.

    Looking Forward To:
     My 16 week appointment!  Hoping for a strong heartbeat and good results 🙂 Love this little one of ours already SO MUCH!!

    Friday Favorites – Weekend Recap!

    Last weekend and part of this week was one for the books!  I’m still exhausted from it all.. and I’m sure happy it’s almost the weekend again!

    We headed down to Logan’s Grandma’s camper/cabin for the first time since we’ve been together – almost 9 years!  And let me tell you… it was HOT! I mean… like way over 90 degrees hot! It was nice to see where Logan has so many memories though and I’m sure we’ll be back to visit again – just when it’s not 90 degrees!  I thought I had pictures because I looked in prime condition (ha ha) but I don’t see many on my phone!

    I finally got a chance to visit Kristmas Kringle Shoppe and y’all…. it was THE best!

    I mean… the villages they built along with just about every single tree theme you could imagine!

    I definitely fell in love and will be heading back again before Christmas!

    We went Raspberry picking one morning – and surprisingly, Logan joined us!

    He’s definitely in his prime condition here 🙂

    My MIL made a Raspberry Cheesecake and Raspberry White Chocolate Scones with them all!

    We spent time at the Zoo later that day while Logan golfed with his Dad again.

    And again… it was HOT! I’m not complaining because I certainly don’t enjoy the cold cold days but man, over 90 degrees with all humidity.. brutal!

    We watched some fireworks that night even though it wasn’t the 4th yet but it was terrible!  We were basically on a countryish type road and the mosquitoes were HORRIBLE! My SIL’s, MIL and myself stayed in the truck but not before 5000+ mosquitoes got inside! Ugh!

    We went to the parade the next morning and again.. the theme of the trip was clearly HOT because it was bad! My SIL and I sat in the shade away from the parade because she forgot her sunscreen (whoops!) and somehow, I forgot to put on deodorant before we left (TMI, I know).

    Such a good time and fun-filled but now I’m ready for a weekend at home with NO plans! What are you doing this weekend?! Any fun plans or laying low like us?


    Friday Favorites!!

    Happy Friday! It’s been a long while since I’ve shared some favorites so I figured it was about time 🙂


    One word. Younger.

    Image result for younger

    Wow… how have I never watched this show before?  I totally binge watched it last week and I’m obsessed.  I’m sad I’m caught up because wow.. I’m a huge Hilary Duff fan (always have been!) and I just love her in this!  Have you watched it?!



    The last 3-4 weeks, I’ve been golfing once a week with a girlfriend and it’s been so nice! I’m enjoying the exercise since I wasn’t approved for so long and I’m surprisingly getting better!

    We couldn’t go this week since the weather was kind of wonky when we usually go so we hit up Olive Garden instead for dinner 🙂



    Being pregnant?! 🙂 Haha – I know I said I wouldn’t mention it but ugh, it’s always going to be a favorite of mine!  We also get to hear the heartbeat again today and I CANT wait! I shared another Bumpdate this week for 13 weeks (last week!).


    Image result for hallmark christmas in july

    I’m all about Christmas all the time and guess what?! It’s Christmas in July starting tonight! We’re out of town for the next few days so I won’t be able to binge watch but you better believe – as soon as I can, I will be!

    I usually start my Christmas shopping next month with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and with baby coming Christmas, I’ll be getting all my shopping done early this year!


    Fourth of July! I bought the cutest dress from Old Navy for a steal!

    This dress is only $12 (plus an additional 30% off!) online… steal!

    I can’t wait to wear it this weekend in preparation for the fun holiday!


    Last weekend we went to the Cheese Curd Festival with my brother (and SIL and sweet little Nora) and while the festival was kind of a bust… they had ONE tent with cheese curds and the line was miles long to get to it..

    We enjoyed seeing them and spending time with little Ms Nora!

    My other SIL came and stayed for the weekend too which is always a good time!

    We love when she visits! We hit up the outlet mall too on Saturday and let’s just say.. Logan’s the only one who really made out that day! 🤣

    Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 🙂 I’ll be sharing a little glimpse into our “camping” weekend via Instagram so be sure to check it out!



    Bumpdate – 13 Weeks!

    Happy hump day!! This *bumpdate* is from last week (which I suppose is how they’ll go so I finish off my week and share how it was!) and I can’t believe I’m almost 15 weeks!

    I promise I’ll have a non-pregnancy related post on Friday but for now… it’s all about those bumpdates 🙂

    How Far Along? 13 weeks

    Size of Baby:

     We still don’t know the gender yet (even though we could have found out immediately before the transfer – one perk of IVF, right?!) and I think we’re going to end up waiting until Baby G is here to see if we have a daughter or son 🙂

    Weight Gain: 
    I haven’t weighed myself this week – our scale isn’t the most reliable so I’m thinking I’ll wait until my 16 week appointment 🙂 So far as I know… 7 pounds still!

    Maternity Clothes:
     Welllllll – I definitely have been wearing maternity leggings (already!!) but still sticking to dresses for now and hoping that will last a while!

    I’m leaning towards a beige warm nursery where I can add in colors  more after Baby G is here! I don’t have any cute ideas for a completely gender neutral nurseries so I’m thinking this.. Or i’ll order two different bedding sets once it’s closer (one girl and one boy) so we have the one we want prior to pictures after Baby G Is here!

     I don’t believe any yet… although on Monday night, I got up to pee for the 3rd time and I definitely felt something that wasn’t “normal”.  Obviously I don’t know what to expect when it’s time to feel Baby – I know friends have said it’s like flutters but still, I hope I can tell immediately! 🙂

     I thought the nausea was subsiding a bit but it’s been back full force this week! I even threw up (TMI, I know) for the first time this week after eating a bagel.. what the heck?! I was thinking it would start getting better by now, but that’s OK. Baby G is just letting me know he/she is still growing in there 🙂

     I’m still pretty exhausted and haven’t gotten all of my energy back yet. I’m sleeping OK at night but getting up to pee approximately 3-4 times a night! My lower back has started to hurt as well since I’m trying to sleep on my left side as much as possible!

     No change here – not really any cravings yet.  The nausea doesn’t help for sure! I do lean way more towards sweets though – I mean, give me all the candy or ice cream 🙂

    What I Miss:
     Feeling great or “normal” for a full day. Some days the nausea really gets to me and others, it just feels like the new normal everyday!

    Best Moment This Week:
     Looking at all the Christmas baby things on Pinterest 🙂 I’m already obsessed with Christmas and seeing all the cute baby things makes me SO happy and excited!

    Looking Forward To:
     All of it.  I’m looking forward to all the movement and our next ultrasound which is still 2.5 weeks away!

    When trying isn’t enough (Part 2)

    This journey to Baby G has been a long one!  And I’m not going to lie, until our Baby is in our arms and healthy; I think I’m going to be nervous.  I’m trying to soak in all of this goodness though!

    So what happened after our transfer?!


    Our transfer day was an emotional day! All of the prepping and preparing for this day and it was finally here!  We met with the doc scheduled for the day (not our doc) and he set our minds at ease with answering any questions we had and letting us know what to expect with the transfer and after.  I was fully awake during the transfer (unlike the retrieval) and thankfully Logan could come back for this one as well.  We watched the whole procedure on the ultrasound screen and while it isn’t “traditional” or “fun” in the sense, it felt more intimate being included in the whole procedure.  I cried watching it all unfold (no surprise there!) and knowing that this could be it for us!

    Everything went as perfectly as it could and I was instructed to go home on bed-rest for the next 48 hours.  Logan was a saint and waited on me hand and foot all weekend!  I have to say though… I did get REAL tired of having to yell “LOGAN!” when I needed something (i’m sure he was tired of hearing it as well :)).


    Then came the hard part… waiting!  So much of this process is waiting and after everything you’ve been through, the last thing you want to do is WAIT!

    We had to wait about 10 days to see if the transfer was successful and if I was pregnant.  To be honest, at this point, I didn’t even feel like I had the transfer during the waiting period. We had been in and out of the fertility clinic every other day for tests/procedures/ultrasounds it seemed like so I felt like I was just waiting for my next appointment.  I thought it would be a lot harder to wait (many people asked if I would be taking a pregnancy test at home before going in for blood work because I just couldn’t wait! But I didn’t and I didn’t feel a need to at all).  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to know!! I just knew it wouldn’t help to do a pregnancy test at home. I couldn’t take the chance of a false positive/negative. If it was going to be a yes or no, then I wanted to be sure.


    I went in for blood work a week and a half later with Logan and then we headed home to wait for the call.  This waiting was different than before..

    I got the call from the clinic and immediately called out to Logan “it’s the clinic!!!” and he ran out into the other room where I was even though he was on a conference call! The doctor was SO nice and confirmed that my numbers looked SO good and that I was, in fact pregnant.  Tears immediately started flowing and it was almost like a “did he really just say that”?!

    We knew we weren’t out of the wood works yet (are you really ever?!) but hearing this good news was what we needed to keep going!  I had to do another blood test 2 days later, to confirm my numbers were still looking good and increasing as they should.  Even though our close family knew we were doing our test that day, we didn’t tell anyone or reach out to anyone until we got confirmation on Wednesday.  It was just too hard to say “Yes I’m pregnant!” and then possibly have heartbreaking news two days later.

    The clinic called Wednesday after another blood test (I went down to the clinic for my almost last blood draw!) and confirmed I was pregnant and my numbers were looking wonderful! We were ECSTATIC as you can imagine!

    Infertility really takes away a lot from couples; on the smaller scale, I couldn’t tell Logan in a cute way that he was going to be a daddy or surprise our family with the great news because they knew everything along the way.  It strips you of a lot of those happy and “normal” moments that you don’t realize you’re lucky to have until you don’t have them.


    I had to wait another 2 weeks before I had my first ultrasound to ensure Baby G looked good and to be released from the fertility clinic (still doing meds until week 10 though).  That was the longest 2 weeks – I had a few scary moments with spotting and one half day of full bleeding and it was so disheartening!  I tried to avoid going to the bathroom so I didn’t have to see any of it.  I just knew that something wasn’t right but somehow felt a sense of calming as well (if that makes sense).  I felt different being pregnant this time and truly felt that this was OUR baby and this time it would be different.  I trusted in God that everything would be OK and our baby would be growing just fine! I called the clinic and they had me come down to do another blood draw to ensure my numbers were still on track – it was too early for an ultrasound at this point.  This was SO incredibly scary.  I cried the whole way down to the office until I got home and waited.  I knew it was out of my hands at this point so I just had to keep my faith.  Thankfully, the nurse called right before end of day to let me know my numbers still looked great and where they should be!  Talk about a huge weight lifted!

    The day after our scare, my nausea started 24/7 and it confirmed that Baby was still growing in there! 🙂 I prayed and prayed for morning sickness but I was eating my words about 3 days after getting it! Ha!

    After that day, we waited for the Ultrasound and when it came – we were so ready! I was beyond nervous that day ( I mean, I was literally shaking all over since our last US hadn’t gone so well a few years earlier) and Logan was so sweet and grabbed my hand immediately as I laid on the table.  I didn’t know if I could look at the screen or just wait to hear the news first.  It’s hard because going through our previous miscarriage and infertility, we knew that we both couldn’t get too excited for this day.  We knew that there was a chance, something could be wrong and while we were both SO happy and excited we heard good news in the first place, we had to be cautious.

    The doctor came in, the ultrasound started and right away he said “there’s the baby and strong heartbeat” and as tears rolled down our cheeks, I said “there’s a heartbeat?!?!?!” The tech zoomed in so we could see the little heart beating so fast since they said it would be hard to hear it at this point.  BEST DAY EVER!  I can’t even explain to you my feelings hearing and seeing that.  After that appointment, we were done with the fertility clinic!  It was such a weird feeling, knowing I wouldn’t be back there until it was time for Baby number 2 since I’d be there for almost a year – every other day!


    I started with my OB’s office the following week and thankfully had another ultrasound.  The nerves were still high waiting for the ultrasound to start but it was SO amazing – little Baby G was dancing around and waving it’s little “arm” at us at 9.5 weeks!

    I had my first “official” OB appointment last week and it was refreshing seeing my doctor again.  He had been with us through our previous miscarriage as well as did all of our fertility testing and referred us to the clinic.  We got to hear Baby G’s heartbeat at this appointment and it was literally music to our ears.  Even our doctor said “I have goosebumps! I hear heartbeats everyday but sometimes it’s just different like today!” He even told the nurse when she came back in about his goosebumps and how it’s amazing hearing it through some people’s perspective, like ours.  He knew how very thankful we are for EVERY part of this pregnancy (and baby!).

    It’s been so hard because I feel like I should be like 6 months along with how long we’ve known! That’s another hard part with IVF – it’s great that you find out so quickly (like when Baby is 2 weeks along) but you can’t really say anything to anyone until after becoming a lot more comfortable! The last 11+ weeks have been hard keeping this not so little, secret from the world.

    It’s crazy looking back at our journey; where we started and where we are now.  There are just so many emotions throughout the last few years that I couldn’t even begin to explain.  It is not lost on us that this process doesn’t work (the first time) for everyone and that were so fortunate and blessed that it did for us.

    Infertility will always be a huge part of our lives and something that I feel SO strongly about. If you’re going through it and want/need to chat, please reach out.  It can be extremely lonely and we found that it helps to talk to someone who “gets it” a little more.


    Bumpdate {Weeks 9-12}

    I have been wanting to document this time in our lives, for.. well ever! I want to be able to look back and remember how I felt each week and how my body changed.  Pregnancy is truly an amazing thing and I’m so incredibly thankful I get a chance to experience it!

    How Far Along? 9 weeks

    Size of Baby:
     Green Olive

     This is a big debate in our household – I’m all for finding out but it’s important to Logan that we wait… so we’ll see how it plays out 🙂

    Weight Gain: 
    I’m up 3.4 pounds according to the doctor’s scale but I feel like a lot more!

    Maternity Clothes:
     Nope — although I feel like it’ll happen sooner rather than later!

    Pinning away to my secret Pinterest board. I’m not thinking we’ll necessarily have a theme… except “gender neutral” if we don’t find out!

     None yet! Absolutely cannot wait for it, though.

     I have pretty much been nauseous since 6 weeks! I’m not going to lie though.. I prayed so hard for morning sickness (yes, I was eating my words pretty quickly!) just to know that Baby G is okay! I’m definitely ready for it to be done though 🙂  I’m also so exhausted just all the time, which is a good thing!

     I’m exhausted all the time like I mentioned above, so when it’s time for bed, I’m ready around 8 pm 🙂 I usually have to get up to pee at least once – but this week, I had one night where I got up 4 times!!

     No real cravings to speak of at all. Thanks to the nausea, nothing really sounds good but I’ve been able to eat more this week and feel okay!

    What I Miss:
     Sangria and margaritas!  I’m not going to lie, I’ve only had about 2-3 drinks since we started IVF in January so I’ve already been 6 months without alcohol basically but now that it’s starting to get warm out, I could use a tall glass of red Sangria!

    Best Moment This Week:
     We had another ultrasound this week (our first was around 7.5 weeks) and it’s just SO great to have confirmation little Baby is moving and growing! The baby was dancing around, as the technician noted as well as was “waving” it’s little nub for an arm at us! It was the sweetest thing ever! After a few minutes, the baby just laid and didn’t move but it’s heart was beating so fast! The technician said he/she must have been showing off for us and now was tired 🙂 Sweet little thing!

    Looking Forward To:
     Everything.  A belly, a kick, all ultrasounds, baby snuggles.  Everything

    How Far Along? 10 weeks

    Size of Baby:
     a Strawberry (1.18 inches)

     Dying over this one… I mean, I don’t know if I can wait another 30 weeks to find out! Neither of us have a preference at all whatsoever, just a healthy baby but I’m such a planner… that I’m not sure I can wait!

    Weight Gain: 
    Up the same as last week – about 3.5 pounds.

    Maternity Clothes:
     I’m not sure if it’s the fertility meds (that I was able to finally end this week – YES!) or what but I am definitely “showing” early! I’ll take it though – whether it’s bloating or not, I can’t wait to show off a baby bump 🙂

    Still deciding! Babies R Us is closing which has been great for us – we already bought the crib and so many other things for the Nursery from there for great deals!

     A few more weeks until this happens but man oh man, I cannot wait!

     Nauseous all the time still – it had gotten better in the morning a little bit but back to being all day. Nauseous if I eat, if I don’t eat, eat small meals, etc.. but at least I know little Baby is doing good in there! I’m out of breath doing any little thing these days – already! And extremely tired 90% of the day!

     More sweets – give me all the ice cream or blue raspberry shaved ice, please!

    What I Miss:
     Cold subs! With the hot weather, I’ve been craving a good cold turkey and cheese sandwich!

    Best Moment This Week:
     How excited Logan is for Baby “G”.  He’s VERY hands on with every appointment and is just so sweet while seeing our little one! We read on one of the apps this week that Baby can feel when you put your hands on your belly and can tell your touch versus a stranger, and he definitely loves feeling where the Baby is! Seriously, so sweet!

    Looking Forward To:
     Our next OB appointment in less than 2 weeks when we get to hear Baby’s heartbeat! We really didn’t know if this was in the cards for us, so I’m just SO excited for EVERYTHING!

    How Far Along?11 weeks!

    Size of Baby:
    A sweet little lime 🙂

    No idea! Still up for debate in our household about waiting to find out!

    Weight Gain: 
    I can’t say I’ve weighed myself this week.. although I’m sure it’s a little bit more!

    Maternity Clothes:
    still in my normal clothes but let’s be honest.. based on my pictures, it’s clear that there’s a little bun in the oven so I just ordered a few pieces to try!

    Still an office/guest bedroom! I think it’ll be a while before we clean it out to be the nursery!

    None yet! But man oh man, I can’t wait!

    Still nauseous and exhausted! The nausea is slowly going away (like 1 good day out of the week! I’ll take it!) but still just as exhausted as ever!

    I am exhausted and ready to sleep when my head hits the pillow, however I need to pee about 4 times (not even kidding) a night!

    Sweets! But really, nothing has been like “I have to have it!” Just yet…

    What I Miss:
    truthfully, just feeling good all the time! But I’m counting all my blessings and if being nauseous means Baby G is good then I’ll take it!

    Best Moment This Week:
    Getting our announcement pictures back! Our friend did them and they turned out just perfect!

    Looking Forward To:
    A million things!! We get to hear the Baby’s heartbeat next week at our 12 weeks appt though and that’s going to be the best!

    How Far Along? 12 weeks!

    Size of Baby: 
    A ripe plum!

    No preference! We’re more than happy with either gender as long as Baby G is healthy!  And we haven’t found out the gender yet (still up for debate!)

    Weight Gain: 
    7 pounds.. ugh! But I’m hoping now that I got the OK to workout a little, I’ll be able to keep my weight to the recommended amount!  And hoping now that the nausea has subsided, I won’t be eating so much!

    Maternity Clothes: 
    I haven’t started wearing them yet but I did just get in a cute maternity dress and leggings 🙂  Not much besides dresses are comfortable with this growing bump already!

    Still deciding on a theme or if we’ll even do one! I’m leaning towards a beige nursery and adding in more colors after Baby arrives and we know the gender!

    Not yet but we did get to hear Baby’s heartbeat this week!! Sweet little thing was moving around so much the doc had to chase him/her around! Let me tell you.. the BEST sound ever!

    I finally have a little energy back which is great! But still exhausted too (if that makes sense) after doing a small thing like laundry!  The nausea has mostly gone away and I’m just feeling good.

    Aside from getting up to pee 3 times in the night (no joke), sleep has been fine!  My lower back hurts after a while since I’m trying to get used to sleeping on my left side, per the recommendations!

    None this week!

    What I Miss:
    I’m not going to lie.. I’m missing a nice glass of Sangria or a cold Margarita… it’s summertime and those just sound SO good right about now in the heat!

    Best Moment This Week:
    Hearing our Baby’s heartbeat and just knowing everything is still going well! When we heard the heartbeat, our doctor (who has been with us since our first miscarriage and who did our fertility testing/referral) said he had goosebumps and it just showed how much he really cares for us and our baby!  He said he hears heartbeats all the time but it’s just so special for some people especially seeing their reaction.  And our reaction was tears and smiles! 🙂 Baby G is loved SO much already!

    Looking Forward To: 
    Our next appt – that will be always, right?! 🙂 Also, looking forward to enjoying this second trimester now that the morning sickness has pretty much gone away (knock on wood!).

    It’s funny, during our OB appt, my doc was laughing at me because he’d ask my symptoms and I’d say “I feel a bit nauseous but that’s good!!” and I’d say “My boobs are starting to hurt quite a bit, but that’s a good sign!”.  He laughed and said “the things people are thankful and feel blessed about after they go through what you have is just amazing to me”.

    I really am so thankful and I know I keep saying it but I will never take any of this for granted!  Thanks for following along 🙂 I’ll probably keep this up weekly (or do a few weeks together like this one) just so I can remember everything!

    Have a great day!


    Life Lately!

    Happy Monday!

    It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s been going on around here so thought I’d share… 🙂

    May seemed pretty low key… we had only found out a few weeks earlier that I was pregnant and the morning sickness was kicking in!

    I felt pretty crappy throughout the month of May (more on this later this week!) so we mostly stayed in for the weekends and just laid low!

    We did get lunch for Mother’s Day with my Mom and family!

    I’m also pretty excited to see this sweet girl! She’s getting SO old already!

    After lunch, Logan wanted to check out Babie’s R Us since they’re closing all locations!  If felt funny buying baby stuff so early but a good deal is a good deal 😉

    We had a few bigger events happening with my in-laws this month too! First up, we had my SIL’s graduation!  This is a big event for her so we definitely wanted to make sure we could help celebrate 🙂

    I helped her with her graduation cap a few weeks before this – didn’t it turn out SO cute?!

    We came into town Friday and hung with my family for a bit (Logan golfed, imagine that!) then headed out for dinner with my in-laws!  I was realllllly craving ribs for some reason so I was excited they agreed to Famous Dave’s!

    I had to stop for my favorite, shaved ice after all!!!

    After dinner, we headed to UWEC (Logan and my Alma Mater) for a quick tour since they’ve updated and expanded the whole lower campus!

    The next morning, we headed to the Farmer’s Market before streaming Delaney’s graduation.  She could only get 3 tickets so we took Cambree to the Farmer’s Market…

    And to play some mini-golf while we waited.

    Thankfully, we streamed it just in time to see her walk across the stage and graduate!!

    I started showing pretty darn early (if you couldn’t tell) so finding something to be “flowy” enough in my wardrobe for pictures was a little hard!

    This was also the first time we saw my in-laws since finding out we were pregnant!

    The following weekend was Memorial Day and we were headed to Oshkosh for my BIL’s wedding!

    It was a hot day at about 90 degrees but thankfully we all stayed cool after the ceremony!

    How pretty is my SIL?!

    I got lucky with these girls! 🙂

    The ceremony was outside and the flowers and set up were so pretty!!

    The new Mrs. Griedl joining the family during their first dance 🙂

    The venue was beautiful and it turned out to be such a great day!

    The bride’s family hosted a gift opening on Sunday which was really nice to see the Newlywed’s before they headed to their honeymoon!  I didn’t take any pics on Sunday – just enjoyed the time!

    We were able to share our news with some of Logan’s family after the gift opening on Sunday (we didn’t want to take anything away from Tanner and Erika so we kept it to ourselves until then!) which was really nice!  We figured we wouldn’t see them anytime soon after that weekend so it was a good time to tell.

    Plus, we also had already had 2 ultrasounds that confirmed our little one! 🙂 Talk about happy tears!

    We had friends visit last weekend and i’m SO bummed I didn’t take any pictures! We went to the zoo with their little one and it was SO much fun! Little P is such a doll!

    That’s it for life around these parts! I’m finishing up the touches on the last part of our IVF journey and plan to share that tomorrow or Wednesday!

    Have a fabulous Monday!