How I tie my blanket scarves + a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Tuesday!  At least it’s not Monday, am I right?! And there’s a GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post so there’s another win for the week, right?!

I think the number one question I get (at least, recently) is how I tie my blanket scarves.  They can look a little intimidating when you get them since they’re so HUGE but I promise – you tie it once, you can tie them for life! 🙂

Excuse the pictures.. this was a super quick tutorial #nomakeup #pajamas! Also, this works for square blanket scarves – not the rectangular ones!

1. Fold your scarf into a triangle

2. I like to “roll’ the scarf towards me a few times so it’s not so bulky (you can skip this step though if you don’t mind more bulkiness!).

3. Next, I hold the rolled part up to my neck and basically criss cross the two sides behind my neck

I mean.. So attractive! Haha! Apparently I wasn’t smiling when he took that one!

4. Pull the two sides down and adjust under the triangle part

5. Last, adjust the two pieces that you pulled down as  much as you’d like until you like how it looks!

Hopefully this helps and isn’t super confusing!  The hubs thought I should do a video tutorial but I wasn’t sure if that was warranted!  If you prefer that, let me know 🙂 Or if you have any questions/need help 🙂

Now here’s the fun part.. because I just love you all for visiting this little space so often and because blanket scarves might not be everybody’s “thing”.. I am giving away this fun and easy infinity scarf to one lucky reader!  It’s one of my absolute favorites and think it’s perfect for fall and winter!  Winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 9! Good luck!

scarf-giveawaya Rafflecopter giveaway

Before you enter into the giveaway – there’s one thing to note (because I don’t know if it’s super clear!).  You will be asked to input your email address into the Rafflecopter (so I can contact the winner!) BUT that does not mean that you’ve subscribed to the blog by email (one of the entries!) so make sure you subscribe by email on this little space as well in order to actually be entered! All entries will be verified – and a winner will be chosen based on the verification!

And if you’re looking for a few blanket scarves – I love these ones: This plaid one; I have two of these and love them; Another plaid one; , love this buffalo print!


Quick and Easy Halloween Costume!

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me or reads this little space that I have a BIG love affair with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes.. like it’s one of my favorite days of the year when they bring them back out! I was hoping for an easy costume and saw a few on Pinterest that I liked but ultimately decided to do my own PSL costume!

Materials needed:

Slip or dress – I ordered mine from Amazon but they have some at Target as well!

White or ivory/cream felt  – 23 cents at Walmart!

Orange felt – seriously 23 cents from Walmart!

Hot glue gun (and sticks)

Printed Starbucks Logo- just google image search will do!

Once you have all your materials, start with cutting out the Starbucks logo.  Once that’s been cut, I put the logo on a piece of felt and cut around it so it would have a little more substance before attaching it to the slip. You can skip this though and simply glue just the paper logo!

Next, cut 8-10 round felt circles – You can use the logo for these too so they’re all uniform and the same size (that’s what I did!) or just free hand it if you want different sizes.  Once they are cut, fold them in half to make the “foam”.  I doubled mine up on a few pieces and other pieces I left single.

I put mine on a chair with a pillow.. It made the slip a little looser and also was easier to glue the felt!

I glued the fabric together (on the double pieces) and then attached them to the slip.  I attached them to the whole top part and a small part of the straps to hold it up more!

Then glue the logo onto the center of the dress. I put a piece of cardboard in between the slip so the hot glue didn’t seep through to the backside!

Was looking at where I wanted to glue this! Decided to do the logo first 🙂

Optional: cut out a rectangle on the orange felt and attach it to the bottom of the “cup” so  you can write in “what was ordered” – PSL with black marker.  I also wrote my “name” on top of that and since Starbucks usually spells everyone’s name wrong (am I right?!) I made sure to make mine wrong to!

Writing on this fabric was a lot harder than I thought! So much for cute writing!

Just a little silliness 🙂 excuse how sheer the slip is!

And that’s it!  I did notice a lot of people put straws on their costumes but let’s be real.. a PSL doesn’t have a straw unless you get the cold press (if there is one?!) and I’m not all about that so I skipped the straw!  Pretty simple and cute for a fun night out or even for a Halloween party at work or trick-or-treating with kids!

Final product! I added OTK boots but you could do leggings or tights and booties 🙂

Hard to see but I added a little cinnamon to the foam as well since that’s usually topped on the whipped cream!

And of course.. you need a PSL with you 🙂 You could even use a Starbucks bag for a purse if you felt really inspired!

The hubs and I decided on doing a couple’s costume – otherwise I’d be wearing this out tonight! 🙂

Have a safe weekend!


DIY Mason Jar Pumpkins


We’re sooo close to the weekend and yet it feels like it’s still forever away! It’s been a busy week and I’m ready for a little slow down.  Last night, we took pictures for our Christmas card and while it was 46 degrees out (no joke) we managed to get some cute ones 🙂 Can’t wait to share a few with y’all soon enough!

I’m back today to share how to make my cute little entry way pumpkin so many of you have asked about!

You’ll need:

20-21 mason jar lids (all the same size)

Orange spray paint

Twine/orange string

Cinnamon Sticks


First, spray paint the mason jar lids.  I sprayed the one side first and let dry for quite a few hours then turned them over and sprayed the other side.


I put them on cardboard to make sure I kept all the spray paint in one place 

Make sure to spray the sides really well if you don’t want any of the silver peeking through!


One side sprayed!

I let them dry over night in order to ensure they are completely dry before assembling.

Next, you will put string through all of the mason jar lids – it’s important to make sure all the lids are facing the same way to help with the fanning out process later.


Once they are all facing the same way with the string through them, tie the string as tight as possible so the lids are almost overlapping.


You’re almost done 🙂 You’ll fan out the lids to your liking to create the pumpkin shape.


Lastly, you’ll place some cinnamon sticks in the middle – I added the burlap “leaves” as an extra piece but it’s not necessary.


And that’s it – you’re done and ready to find a cute place for it 🙂