Friday Favorites – TV Show Edition!

It’s finally Friday – this week has been insane! Logan was gone in Denver all week for work so I was solo-momming it again, Magnolia came home sick Wednesday afternoon with a fever and stayed home Thursday (anything worse than a sick teething baby?!) and now I’m ready for a big glass of wine and a relaxing weekend!

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I’m changing directions for this Friday Favorites post and because I’m always interested in new shows/movies to watch, I’m sharing a few of my favorites (and hoping you’ll share some too for me!):

  1. Virgin River – I just binge watched this show while Logan was out of town this week and while I didn’t think I’d be interested… I am hooked! I can’t wait for the next season! It’s not the rom-com type like I thought it would be though and it left me crying in some episodes (shocker, I know!).  The show is about starting over under mysterious circumstances in a small town as a Nurse Practitioner in a grumpy doctor’s office – it definitely leaves you hanging!
  2. Bless this Mess – I love this show!! It’s so cute and funny with Dax Shepherd. This show is about a newly married couple who leave their home in NY to move to a farm in NE for a simpler life. They have no idea how to run a farm or anything with this rural life.  It’s light-hearted and one I look forward to every week (this is on Hulu – not the Live version, just regular Hulu).
  3. American Housewife – This is one of my favorite shows! It’s hilarious – it revolves around a family who moved to a very wealthy town in Westport, Connecticut and Katie Otto, the Mama of the family, tries to teach her children about real life among the prestigious and arrogant families.  It’s only 30 minutes and it’s just so funny. If you’re looking for an easy show – this is it! I watch this on Hulu as well (not the Live TV version either)
  4. Good Girls – I started this show on Maternity Leave as a recommendation from my good friend and I was surprised with how quickly I was sucked in! It follows 3 Mom’s who are trying to navigate life with money problems – that get into some sticky situations (I don’t want to give anything away!).  This is on Netflix and they just came out with the second season!
  5. You – I think everyone has already seen this show but it’s a favorite of  mine! I started it back when it was on Lifetime (the first season before it moved to Netflix) while I was on maternity leave and I was immediately hooked! If you haven’t heard, it’s about a guy who starts stalking his girlfriend and becomes obsessed.
  6. Merry Happy Whatever – this might just be a seasonal show, but I thought it was cute. A girl brings her boyfriend home to the East Coast from LA to meet her crazy family and strict father (Dennis Quaid). It had funny moments and I’m definitely hoping they bring it back for another season – and preferably for the holidays again too!
  7. Hart of Dixie – This is my all-time favorite show and I’m currently watching it AGAIN.  It’s such a sweet show and makes me want to move to Bluebell, Alabama (if only it were real!). It’s about a NYer (Rachel Bilson) fresh out of med school who moves to small town Bluebell to take over part of a medical practice and has to figure out life in this different life! It’s all around cute and happy! I truly wish there was a small town we could move to that was similar! If you know of one, let me know 🙂
  8. 2020 Dateline – Need I say more?
  9. Lost in Space – I mentioned this in my last week’s post and it’s still a current favorite! We have 2 more episodes left and i’m just waiting to watch those!

Are you watching any of these shows? What are your favorites that I’m missing- I’m always looking for new shows to watch at night! 🙂



Friday Favorites

, Friday Favorites!

Woah Woah Woah – I haven’t shared favorites since I can’t even remember BUT I am sharing a few favorites from the last few weeks:


These pretzels.

Totally random but I’m obsessed. It all started after I had Magnolia and Logan made a run by himself to Costco (like 2 days after we got home from the hospital). He bought me so many sweet goodies and this was one of them! I’m obsessed with pretzels – like if I could only have 3 things for the rest of my life, this would be on the list. So these were an extra treat for me! They’re seasonal (so odd) at Costco but if you have a membership, go get yourself a tub… or three! 🙂


The Smocked Swap.

Image may contain: text

Magnolia Kate is going to be a rep for this fun, southern clothing company! They have such cute pieces and I’m excited to see Magnolia dressed in them 🙂 Unfortunately, she won’t be able to wear them for a little bit since we live in Antartica basically but one day she’ll be dressed SO cute! And I’ll have a discount code for you if you have littles you want to buy for! Stay tuned…


Old Navy. Clearance. In store!

Floral-Print Jersey Swing Top for Toddler Girls

Legit $1.47 in store!

I shared this over on Instastories but lately I’m loving Old Navy! I stopped by there randomly, this week and literally, clothes for Magnolia were marked down to $1.47! We need 18 month clothing for her (we legit had like 4 items!) so I made sure to stock up on tops and pants! She doesn’t wear super cute things to daycare anymore because she’s literally a MESS after she gets home from eating – I’m pretty sure they don’t use bibs – so I didn’t mind the plainer tops.  They do have super cute things though that were marked down to $4-$5 so I got some of those too!

V- Neck Tunic Sweater for Women

They also have TONS of women’s clothes too! I got the sweater above (one of my favorites) for only $7.99!


Lost in Space – on Netflix!

Image result for lost in space netflix

Have you watched this show yet?! We’re almost done with Season 2 and it’s so good! Absolutely loved You, Good Girls and my all time favorite, Hart of Dixie – what other shows should we watch?!

That’s it for my weekly favorites! Feels good to be back!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?!




Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!

Three blog posts in ONE week?! Woah, who am I?! Its been forever since I’ve shared any favorites so thought it was time 🙂

It’s Easter this weekend so a few of these are Easter favorites, of course! It’s the first “big” holiday since having Magnolia and I can’t wait to celebrate! Yes, we celebrated Valentine’s Day… and she dressed up cute for St. Patrick’s Day but Easter?! This is a bigger one for her! We’re headed to Chetek to celebrate with my family tomorrow then we’ll celebrate with our little family on Sunday! It’ll be so much fun!


Magnolia’s Easter Basket! I ordered this basket back in January I think?! It’s simple and little which will work for her in years to come!

I’ve included 2 books, a bunny rattle, stuffed animal, hair bows (naturally!) and some empty Easter eggs! I can’t wait until next year when we can dye Easter eggs and have her help!


Daycare teacher gifts!

I shared these over on Instagram and what all was included in them but her teachers are a favorite this week! I had such a hard time bringing her the first few days but they are so sweet with her and I know they love having her! They have made it so much easier dropping her off every day!


Old Navy has been having crazy great deals lately and I somehow got all of these items for her, PLUS a matching top for me for only $40!

How cute are these matching dresses (mine was only $3.99 and hers was only $6!).

Here’s the matching top with her matching dress 🙂 My gosh, we’ll be matching all summer long!

Now, if we’d have warm enough days for all these cute pieces!


This Easter trail mix?! Obsesseddddddd! Do yourself a favor and stock up before Easter is over Sunday!


This little girl of ours has been rolling around lately and loving it! I laid her on her back on the mat, went to get her a bottle and came back to this…

What?! Not just rolled over but turned 180 degrees as well! Now, she’s just loving rolling around! How is she getting so big?!


I finally shared about our weekend on the blog and visiting with good friends!

Check it all out over here!

What are your plans for Easter? Do you celebrate big or keep it small? What did you add in your kiddo’s Easter Baskets if you do those? I will need ideas for years to come! 🙂

If you need a quick dessert to bring for Easter, these are what I’m making and LOVE!

Have a fabulous Friday!




Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!!

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I legit, didn’t think this day would come.. and not because we have huge plans for the weekend (although we do have my cousins wedding which will be fun!) but because it’s been the longest week EVER!

Also, we can’t find the perfect VERY light gray paint color to go with our wallpaper! I’m all for having white walls for the other ones but Logan is set on having some color…. I agreed as long as we can find a VERY light gray – so it’s still a bright enough room! If you have any ideas, let me know 🙂

This post will be short and sweet but I thought I’d share a few favorites from the last few weeks!


Our crawfish diaper boil of course! I couldn’t not add this one. It was our first big celebration for Baby G and we felt all the love with so many diapers and wipes!



Bar La Grassa…. if you’re in the Minneapolis area and haven’t tried it – do yourself a favor and make a reservation ASAP!

I’m crazy about pasta but Logan isn’t so even though I’ve heard such great reviews from friends about this place, we’ve never gone! Thankfully my girlfriends are BIG fans and made reservations for us a few weeks ago!

I’m partial to Olive Garden still simply because #allthebreadsticks and salad but this was right up there with the fresh pasta and sauce! Yum!


If you’re in the mood for a cute chick-flick, turn this on ASAP!

Image result for to all the boys i loved before

Jess saw this movie and texted me immediately and was like “turn this on now. You have to watch it.” Well pregnancy brain got me and I forgot about it for a WEEK! A whole week! So when I remembered and texted her for the name again she couldn’t believe I hadn’t watched it. Needless to say, it’s really cute! And apparently a book – so if you’ve read the book, watch the movie now! Or even if you haven’t read the book (like me).


I recently ordered the a few items and am hoping they work out for this pregnant mama! Also, I’ve never really ordered clothing from Amazon so hoping it’s a win for the first top!

I’m bummed it’s not Prime eligible so it’ll be a while until it’s here but for $14?! And it looks like it clasps shut so would be perfect for nursing Mama’s out there!

This is another find (not Amazon) and I’m giving it a try! I LOVE this one from Nordstrom and it’s on my Christmas list 🙂

But if you don’t like the price then I think this one is SUPER similar (and i’m going to give it a try!) for only $22!

They have a lot of different fall colors and I’m loving the maroon/wine one!

I’m also ordering this for Fall because #givemeallthecamo!

I also ordered a few basic pieces from Motherhood Maternity that I can wear under cardigans and to be comfy!

I’m off to work this LAST day of the week! Woo! As I mentioned, we have my not-so-little cousin’s wedding tomorrow and then starts 5 weekends in a row with my sister, and I believe it’s 6 weekends (minus one weekend) with my Mom and Brother!  Isn’t that crazy?!


We have my sweet niece’s first birthday next weekend, then I have two showers the next two weekends and I can’t wait! And we have maternity pictures in that two week span too – SO much good stuff coming! 🙂

What are you doing this weekend? Are your kids ready for summer break again already? 😉


Friday Favorites – Weekend Recap!

Last weekend and part of this week was one for the books!  I’m still exhausted from it all.. and I’m sure happy it’s almost the weekend again!

We headed down to Logan’s Grandma’s camper/cabin for the first time since we’ve been together – almost 9 years!  And let me tell you… it was HOT! I mean… like way over 90 degrees hot! It was nice to see where Logan has so many memories though and I’m sure we’ll be back to visit again – just when it’s not 90 degrees!  I thought I had pictures because I looked in prime condition (ha ha) but I don’t see many on my phone!

I finally got a chance to visit Kristmas Kringle Shoppe and y’all…. it was THE best!

I mean… the villages they built along with just about every single tree theme you could imagine!

I definitely fell in love and will be heading back again before Christmas!

We went Raspberry picking one morning – and surprisingly, Logan joined us!

He’s definitely in his prime condition here 🙂

My MIL made a Raspberry Cheesecake and Raspberry White Chocolate Scones with them all!

We spent time at the Zoo later that day while Logan golfed with his Dad again.

And again… it was HOT! I’m not complaining because I certainly don’t enjoy the cold cold days but man, over 90 degrees with all humidity.. brutal!

We watched some fireworks that night even though it wasn’t the 4th yet but it was terrible!  We were basically on a countryish type road and the mosquitoes were HORRIBLE! My SIL’s, MIL and myself stayed in the truck but not before 5000+ mosquitoes got inside! Ugh!

We went to the parade the next morning and again.. the theme of the trip was clearly HOT because it was bad! My SIL and I sat in the shade away from the parade because she forgot her sunscreen (whoops!) and somehow, I forgot to put on deodorant before we left (TMI, I know).

Such a good time and fun-filled but now I’m ready for a weekend at home with NO plans! What are you doing this weekend?! Any fun plans or laying low like us?


Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday! It’s been a long while since I’ve shared some favorites so I figured it was about time 🙂


One word. Younger.

Image result for younger

Wow… how have I never watched this show before?  I totally binge watched it last week and I’m obsessed.  I’m sad I’m caught up because wow.. I’m a huge Hilary Duff fan (always have been!) and I just love her in this!  Have you watched it?!



The last 3-4 weeks, I’ve been golfing once a week with a girlfriend and it’s been so nice! I’m enjoying the exercise since I wasn’t approved for so long and I’m surprisingly getting better!

We couldn’t go this week since the weather was kind of wonky when we usually go so we hit up Olive Garden instead for dinner 🙂



Being pregnant?! 🙂 Haha – I know I said I wouldn’t mention it but ugh, it’s always going to be a favorite of mine!  We also get to hear the heartbeat again today and I CANT wait! I shared another Bumpdate this week for 13 weeks (last week!).


Image result for hallmark christmas in july

I’m all about Christmas all the time and guess what?! It’s Christmas in July starting tonight! We’re out of town for the next few days so I won’t be able to binge watch but you better believe – as soon as I can, I will be!

I usually start my Christmas shopping next month with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and with baby coming Christmas, I’ll be getting all my shopping done early this year!


Fourth of July! I bought the cutest dress from Old Navy for a steal!

This dress is only $12 (plus an additional 30% off!) online… steal!

I can’t wait to wear it this weekend in preparation for the fun holiday!


Last weekend we went to the Cheese Curd Festival with my brother (and SIL and sweet little Nora) and while the festival was kind of a bust… they had ONE tent with cheese curds and the line was miles long to get to it..

We enjoyed seeing them and spending time with little Ms Nora!

My other SIL came and stayed for the weekend too which is always a good time!

We love when she visits! We hit up the outlet mall too on Saturday and let’s just say.. Logan’s the only one who really made out that day! 🤣

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 🙂 I’ll be sharing a little glimpse into our “camping” weekend via Instagram so be sure to check it out!



Five on Friday!


Can you tell i’m pumped?! Some weeks fly by but this one…. wow it dragged on!


I thought I’d share a quick Five on Friday of my favorites from the week – I know, you’re all so eager to know 🙂 I also, did a poll on Instastories (check it out if you haven’t already) about doing a hair tutorial because that’s one of my most asked questions and it was a resounding yes!  I think i’ll feature it over here as well as instastories in case you check one over the other 🙂

Let’s get these favorites started!



It’s a new year and that usually means NEW goals.  I’m not going to lie, I wrote a whole blog post about what goals I’d like to achieve this year but I decided I’m not going to post it (probably not, anyway!).

Goals meme

I just had to… sorry for the language! 

My goals are always work out more, blog more, meal plan more – and guess what?! Those were on my list as well! But guess what?! I decided this year, I’d pick a word that should describe my new year! I finally decided on my word and I can’t wait to share more with you next week!


We officially made 3 dinners this week – THREE! That’s a definite favorite but come this Sunday when we have to meal plan again…. it won’t be on this list, that’s for sure! #literallytheworst


It has been a month decades since I got my nails done and with the holidays and new year, I haven’t had a chance to get them freshened up.. I mean, they look horrid with the gel polish half on and half off.


But guess what?! I have a coffee and nail date tomorrow with this girl and i’m stoked!


More favorites of the week are these yummy Bark Thins… Have you ever had them?! I hadn’t but the Gingerbread ones were on sale for $1.12 by the checkout so I had to give them a try.

SO SO GOOD!! If you have any near you – run and grab them!


Last but certainly NOT least.. another goal I had for myself was to read more because I feel like I’m always missing out when people share book reviews but I have such a hard time picking up a book and just reading!


I’m not sure how exactly BUT somehow, I’ve already read 2 books this past week (who am I?!) and I started my 3rd last night.  I’m hoping to keep on this track and read 20 books this year – not a ton but I would be so happy if I could read that many!

What are your favorites from this week?! I should add that we had 2 days of mid 30 degree weather this week and that was a HUGE favorite! #imreadyforspring Don’t worry, Mother Nature came back to her senses and sent us quite a few inches of snow yesterday and single digit weather again… so there’s that.

Have a fabulous weekend, see you here next week!


Friday Favorites – Lilly Pulitzer Style!

The Lilly sale was here and is gone already! I always look forward to this one since the next one isn’t until August – which signals the end of summer!

I’m craving warmer weather already (can we just have it above 0 at least?!) and shopping Lilly always puts me in a sunny mood 🙂

I’ve had so many of you ask about what I’ve purchased from the sale and I figured it’s only fair to share!

This top was only $19 and I thought it would be cute to dress up with white jeans and wedges or dress down with jean shorts!


The Meg Top is one of my favorite tops!  It’s like the Elsa’s (which I love!) but comfier! I have this top in another print and I wear it to work or on the weekends – perfect top (and it was only $24!).


The Willa dress is a new one for me but I can’t wait for summer so I can throw it on with sandals!


I can’t wait to get these in the mail – the colors are always a lot more vibrant in person versus online!

How cute is this print on the Linden A-Line dress?! I’m obsessed!


The two things I was most looking forward to were a popover and an Elsa!  The sale is the time to stock up on those items (and every other item!) and I was so happy when they showed up on the sale the second day!

The popover I went with – I’m hoping I love… I love the popovers but am not sure I picked the best print. We’ll see once it comes in the mail!


The Elsa top is a print I’ve never tried before either and I can’t wait to see if in person! The Elsa’s are perfect for work or everyday wear. They’re a bit pricier for a top – regular price so it’s a good time to get them for over 50% off.


I also got my littlest niece a little Lilly shift dress because how cute will that be?! I don’t think my older nieces would love the bright colors since I didn’t start them young on it, like little Nora 🙂

I went a little crazy this year after they released more items later on Wednesday – but that just means I’ll be on a shopping hiatus for a little while; mainly because I don’t need anything more!

Let me know if you want a small try-on session when the items come in!

What did you grab from the sale?! Any fun plans for the weekend?!


Friday Favorites!

Christmas is T- 3 days and I’m just in disbelief! I’m always so sad when the holidays are over but I’m ready for a New Year!

I’m linking up to share a few favorites as we finish out this year!


Logan graduated!

We had a small dinner to celebrate the graduate! He worked so hard and we’re both so happy he’s done 🙂

We often talk about moving away from the Minneapolis area and there’s just some friendships that we’ll truly miss!

But we don’t get too sad because these ones won’t ever end; such gems that we’ll have forever!

He’s already planning all the extra golf he’ll be able to get in starting in the Spring! Imagine that! 😉



We volunteered with People Serving People and handed out Christmas gifts to all the kids! I’d never heard of the organization but it’s the largest homeless shelter in Minnesota, housing over 350 people (mostly kids) every night!

It’s fun to give back during the holidays (and any time!). We sponsored 4 kids with Christmas gifts for the Salvation Army this year as well – it feels so good to help others who aren’t as fortunate as us. If you can, organizations are always looking for volunteers! And you’ll get back much more than you gave 😊


ts almost here and we're ready! We're traveling a little this season and we're ready to see family and relax a little bit!

innamon Sugar Pretzels… need I say more?!

enjoyed a massage again last week and I had to get some change for gratuity beforehand.. I stopped by Walgreens and Jess texted me to ask if I got Airheads! She knows me all too well 🤣 I had to snap this pic to send to her because duh I love these things!!

Anyone else love these things??

Enjoy the last Friday before the holidays! What are some of your favorites from this week?!


Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!

highway ecard

I seriously want to know this every time I see something like that or a piece of clothing on the side of the road. Just tell me.

I’m linking up with some of my favorite bloggers to share a little bit of 5 on Friday (and some favorites!).



Last weekend we got to snuggle not 1 but 2 sweet little babies! To say we love them both so incredibly much is an understatement…

I might be seeing both this weekend too again which gives me all the feels!  It helps to live so close 😉


Y’all… we have NO plans really this weekend.  Actually, we have NO plans really for the WHOLE month! I mean, we have a few things here and there but I’m so excited to just be home and not be living out of a suitcase!

Weekend ecard.jpg

Sign me up!! 🙂


Fall decor.  I just love it and love to see inside people’s homes. I shared some of our decor here!


Fall outfits. I just really love all things fall including, but not limited to Pumpkins, Pumpkin Patches, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, leaves changing colors and falling, chili, comfort food… you get the picture, right?! 😉


I saw the movie, Home Again on Wednesday starring my BFF Reese and I wasn’t sure what to expect!   I love all of her movies, of course.  I mean, my favorite movies EVER are Sweet Home Alabama and Four Christmases along with Grease!

home again

I thought it was sweet. It’s definitely not my favorite movie of hers but the actors in it were cute with her daughters 🙂 Have any of you seen this yet?!

I’m off to work and then it’s the WEEKEND!  What are your plans? Anything fall related?!