Tuesday Talk – Charleston Edition

It’s Tuesday and Im feeling a bit worse than yesterday.. and almost have no voice whatsoever.. don’t you just love being sick?? I’m already way over it! Today, I am linking up with Ashley and Erika for an edition of Tuesday Talks!


Today, I’m talking all about Charleston and Savannah.  Well, not talking much about it but more of asking for ideas!  The hubs and I are finally heading there next month and I am just so excited!

Things I plan to visit/see/do….

I’ve always wanted to see the Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

And Rainbow Row…

And of course visit the shops on King Street and the beach!

I’ve heard Zero George Street is a must for happy hour/drinks!  Do you agree?!

What else are must sees/do/eat, etc?

It’s going to be a quicker trip but we want to take everything in so keep the ideas coming 🙂


Happy Hour – Spring Fashion


It’s that time of month again.. well,  not that time of month 😉 but it’s time to link up with Holly to share some fun (and cute) spring fashion ideas!

If you know me, then you know that I love shopping and I really love white pants and dresses.

I can’t get enough gingham, in case you didn’t notice! A few of my favorites, you ask? Definitely this top and this dress!


And how cute is this top for spring?!  I can just imagine it with white jeans (of course) and cute block sandals!

Spring Top

I can’t forget to mention Lilly Pulitzer either.. I mean, I love it any time of year but especially around spring and summer!

There’s just something about bright colors that make my day better 🙂

Tops and dresses are right up my alley!

I wore this dress for Logan’s cousin’s wedding this past summer and think it’s still perfect for spring! You can dress it up for a wedding (since it’s wedding season, after all!) or wear it with flip flops and a sweater for a more casual feel.


And can we talk about Express for a minute? I went in there the other day and seriously loved almost everything in it!

I seriously wear #allthewhitepants all spring long!

So I bought these mules (above) at Ross the other weekend and was so excited to wear them. Fast forward to now… and I can’t imagine wearing them again! I’m not sure if I just need to break them in or what but I wore them to work the other day and by the end of the day, I had 4 blisters! Don’t you just hate that?! They were supposed to be super comfortable! 😦

And guess what?! I’m wearing more white pants!

I have a wedding coming up in May and think I might be purchasing this dress for it.  Isn’t it cute?!

I also really love this dress but I’m never sure if the fit will be good on me or just boxy?!

Anthropolgie Dress

Well, I think I’ve shared enough, huh?!

What are your favorites for spring? Do you have a fun Easter dress picked out?

See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!


Happy Hour – Spring Break Edition!

It’s Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday so it’s basically Friday, right?! 😂 #iwish

Today I’m joining Holly for Happy Hour and sharing our favorite spring break trip! So grab your coffee (and baileys) or margarita (hey, I won’t judge!) and let’s start a trip down memory lane!

Living in Destin, FL meant we didn’t do a lot of big trips for spring break when I was younger. I also didn’t do many in high school because I worked through my spring breaks and in college, I visited back home for my vacation! So my pictures will be from one of my favorite places, Destin!

A lot of our days consisted of the beach…

Then out for the night 🙂

Some days we’d run to Tropical Smoothie for lunch too, of course! 😍

And sometimes it was out for the start of the night at our place of employment; Fuds!

My girlfriend, Lauren owns a boat so we went out wakeboarding a bit too!

Although it’s safe to say, I’m not the most coordinated!

Even though it wasn’t a fancy crazy trip for spring break ever, they will always be my favorite trips! I loved getting back home and visiting these girls 😊

What’s your favorite spring break trip?! Do you have any fun ones planned for the upcoming week(s)?


Workin’ It Wednesday!

Happy Hump day!  I’m linking up with Erika and Shay for their new series “Workin’ It Wednesdays” and today we’re sharing how we keep our marriages strong!

I am clearly no expert on marriage – I mean, we’ve only been married for a little over a year (we’ve been together for over 7!) but I do know what works for us and that’s all that counts 🙂


Logan started classes again last year and that makes for a busy schedule for him (full time work and full time night classes)!  I can’t say that I love how late his classes are (or how often!) but I am so excited for him and know that in the long run, this will be amazing for our future!


I try to do little things for him throughout the week (since I know it’s stressful) so he knows how much I do appreciate him and our marriage – it can be simple gestures like making his Overnight Oats every night (or when I remember, ugh I’m terrible! ha!) or making dinner more often so that he can have left overs when he goes straight to school after work.


We like to use the time we get together to do some fun things too – nothing crazy, simple things like happy hour drinks or a fun Bingo Saturday!


Oh yeah, and that whole golfing thing 😉

We’re open with each other about everything and we’re both supportive of each other in everything we do!  Even though he totally thinks I’m crazy for this whole blog thing… he’s still supportive and takes my OOTD pictures for Instagram!


We’re on the same page with reality which helps our marriage remain realistic and not in La La Land!


We both value the same things as well and know what’s important in our lives.

Our marriage and life isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s perfect for us 🙂

What tips do you have on how to keep your marriage strong?



Happy Hour – Romantic Comedy edition!

Thanks for stopping in for another edition of “Happy Hour with Holly & Kristi”.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and love, we’re sharing our favorite rom-coms!

I love watching these types of movies and I don’t know that too many have come out recently that I’ve loved.  So it’s back to some oldies but goodies:

Image result for how to lose a guy in 10 days

How to lose a guy in 10 days – This has always been a favorite of mine!  I just love their chemistry together and it’s so funny!

Image result for forgetting sarah marshall

Every time this movie is on TV, we end up watching it and laughing so hard! 

Image result for grease

Oh my… this is without a doubt my favorite movie (tied with Sweet Home Alabama, of course)!  I love the music, the story line, the actors and just about everything that involves Grease 🙂 But don’t mistake me… I didn’t care for the Live version that was on TV.. no thank you – original all the way.

Image result for sweet home alabama

I know I said this earlier BUT this is without a doubt my favorite movie!  I just love every little piece of it – no joke!  If you ask my husband what my favorite  movie is, he’d answer “Sweet Home Alabama” immediately.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you enjoyed a glass of wine or cocktail while reading this (or bailey’s in your coffee)!

What are some of your favorite romantic comedies?!


What’s Up, Wednesday?

Happy Hump Day!  The last Wednesday of the month, I link up with a few of my favorite bloggers to share what’s been going on this month!

We answer these questions…


Without further adieu…. here’s what’s up with us over here!

{What we’re eating this week}

We’ve been eating lots from the Eats cookbook and I love  that they’re so easy!  I can honestly say I’ve cooked more this year already than I did all last year! We’ve had the Chicken Ranch pasta, Fiesta Chicken with rice and Pizza Enchiladas this week and they were all very good!  We had some left over stuffing from the pizza enchilada’s and they were great with the flatbread crackers!  We also made some buffalo chicken roll ups on Sunday for the Packer game and my husband is in love!

{What I’m reminiscing about}

I’m still thinking about Christmas time!  I can’t believe how fast the holidays came and went and now we’re 9 months away from the start of the holiday season!  I know, I’m crazy!

{What I’m loving}

DSW Clearance ! For real ladies… I am only sometimes a fan of DSW.  I don’t feel like their prices are that good most of the time compared to department stores so I don’t generally shop there.  BUT I went there on Monday and honestly, I got two pairs of shoes for $15 a piece!  I’ve been looking for a pair of leopard flats and these were perfect for $15!

{What we’ve been up to}

This past weekend I didn’t take any pictures.. can you believe that?!  Friday night we did a little date night happy hour!  We haven’t done happy hour in what seems like forever since my husband is busy with school and work so it was a nice little switch up.  I also finally saw Hidden Figures with a girlfriend on Saturday and it was so good!  I figured it would be based on the reviews but honestly, I think I cried through the majority of it (happy and sad tears!).

This picture has nothing to do with this post but how cute not to share?! 

{What I’m dreading}

I have a pretty big meeting tomorrow at work and I’m a little bit dreading it; mainly because they’re doing a restructuring of all departments and eliminating (and changing) some positions so I’m anxious but nervous about what will be happening with my position! Fingers crossed and happy thoughts we’re all good!

{What I’m excited about}

Valentine’s Day and all that entails; mainly the colors and theme 🙂 I shared a fun tutorial for a valentine Pom-Pom wreath here

I put together a fun gift guide for any gals who are looking for ideas (or any guys looking for ideas for their girls!).  

Throwing a fun Galentine’s Day party with my girlfriend, Jess!  We had so much fun at the Cookie Exchange that we thought this was the perfect time to celebrate friendships.  I’m thinking lots of red, pink, balloons, flowers and all those fun things!  I’m planning to share a fun guide in case you are wanting to do throw a fun party or brunch as well!

{What I’m reading}

I finished Teresa’s book last week and I always feel so accomplished when I finish a book!  Anyone else with  me on that?! I started The Matchmaker on Saturday and I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s kind of a slow start.. I’m about 60 pages in and I’m having the hardest time getting into it!  Anyone else feel this way?! I know many of you loved this book though, so I’m going to power through!

{What I’m watching}

Hart of Dixie!  I watched this last year and while it took a while to get into it, I ended up really loving it!  It’s an easy thing to have on and it makes me want to move back down south so badly! I mean, how cute is that little town?!  Have any of you watched this?!

{What I’m wearing}

All the pink and red. And all the Lilly Pulitzer 🙂

{What I’m doing this weekend}

It’s my Mama’s birthday on Saturday and we’re headed to my Sister’s for the weekend to celebrate!  I love any time I get to spend with my family; especially my sweet not-so-little nieces!  On that note, my oldest niece just set her schedule for HIGH SCHOOL in the fall… I can’t even believe she’s that old! I’m officially the person who says “I remember when you were first born.. and when you puked into my mouth and down my shirt when you were a month old, etc”!  I mean… I didn’t just say that did I?? 🙂

{What I’m looking forward to next month}

Umm.. hello, did someone say Valentine’s Day?  I love any holiday (seriously, I’m just like that) and I can’t wait to wear all the red and pink 🙂  Also,  our Galentine’s Day brunch that I mentioned above.. We can’t wait to go all out; decorations, brunch food, mimosas!  Did you just say “donuts”? Oh yeah, those beauties too!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday! And I can’t wait to hear what you’re all up to 🙂


Tuesday Talks!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  It’s better than Monday, right?! I am linking up with Erika and Ashley for a lovely talk Tuesday!  Or I should say for a “thoughtful Tuesday” because I’m all about randomness today!

I have a ton of important information and thoughts for you today.. and when I say important, I mean not important at all! In fact, it’s just random ramblings because those are always good!  Want to know what I’ve been thinking about..?!

  • Scarves:  I have a bit of an obsession with them.. more buying them than wearing them!  Wearing them can be fun- it’s a great accessory for any outfit (hello, have you seen my insta?!).. but buying them and planning how I’d like to wear them eventually?! So much fun!
Image result for funny scarf memes


  • Trying to sound smart when you’re saying a fancy word- and getting it completely wrong!  Like I thought I was ordering Foccacia correctly (I mean, I practiced 7 times in line!) and as soon as I said it, the server corrected me.. again!
  • Getting into your car at a winery and having a car block you in – while letting out their elderly mother (or friend… who knows!) and staring at you and your friend the whole time. Umm what is the problem, bro?! Then pulling out and realizing you parked in the handicap spot.. umm why is the sign on the building away from the parking and not on the actual parking spot.. whoops!! Citizen of the year award!
  • Giving a pep talk to the puppies when I let them out – and by pep talk I mean, encouraging them to go to the bathroom (Go potty, Desty! Hurry up and go poop!).  I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m crazy.

Image result for funny puppy poop memes

  • On that same note of neighbors.. our neighbors are NOT friendly.. at all! I was hoping when we moved in that we’d be in the neighborhood with the fun parties and barbecues but.. they don’t even smile.. they don’t introduce themselves when you move in (or say hi to them outside).. and heaven forbid they join in any friendly chatting.. therefore I’m pretty sure they all think I’m a stay at home dog mama or in the mafia or something- not really, but I’m pretty sure it’s weird for them that I’m home 3 days a week (sometimes 4) since they can’t tell that I’m WORKING from home!
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Random shot from our honeymoon just because!

  • Isn’t it terrible when you go into the public bathroom stall to pee (of course!) and it smells like complete butt and when you walk out of the stall – someone else walks in.. Do you tell them it smells so badly because of the person before you.. so they don’t think it’s you?!  Would they even believe you or would that just be awkward? Is it weird I think of those things?!
  • It’s always so awkward when you’re singing along to a song and the artist get the lyrics wrong!  I hate when that happens!

Sometimes when I find out the actual lyrics to a song, I discover that I like my version better.:

  • Total win moment as I was looking at our honeymoon pictures recently (can we please go back?!) – when you’re on your honeymoon and blow drying your hair upside down (with the resorts blow dryer) and all of a sudden you scream for your husband- and he has to run in to help you.. get your hair unstuck from the backside of the blow dryer.. It’s not my first rodeo with a blow dryer and as I’m crying I’m pretty sure my husband was trying not to laugh at me..
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

The night of the “incident”!

  • With that said instance.. parts were so tangled/shriveled, we realized we’d have to cut it off – and the only thing we have?  A razor… clearly I’m a hot mess just at the thought of that- props to my husband for picking a real winner 🙂
  • How is there always so much traffic on the roads – regardless of the time of day?! And why does the traffic ever come to a complete stop while on the highways if there are no accidents?! I mean.. I seriously think this every single time I drive!! And I never understand it.  Why did we all have to come to a complete stop while going 65 mph?? Makes no sense to me!
  • How some bloggers literally pay over $200 for a top or dress and think that their audience can do that?! I mean, I think those outfits are way cute but let’s be real here… how??  Don’t get me wrong, I still follow along 🙂 but if anyone knows how I can get that stuff for cheaper (or want me to do a segment on a save vs splurge items) lemme know!
My heart says cheese dip, but my jeans say, for the love of God woman eat some celery! | Cry For Help Ecard:

So much yes on this.  I just have to keep telling those jeans no.. that’s the answer to this right?! 🙂

Well… I think I’ve rambled on long enough about seriously random topics so I’ll let you go on with your Tuesday!  Please tell me I’m not alone with some of these thoughts? Maybe you just don’t say them out loud since it’s not really appropriate – promise next time I’ll not talk so much about poop 🙂


Workin’ It Wednesdays

Happy Hump Day and first Workin’ It Wednesday of the year!  Today, I’m linking up with Shay and Erika to share how we’re keeping those New Years goals together!

Last week, I shared my New Years goals and I’m pretty excited to stay I’m still on track.. I mean, it’s been a whole 11 days so I guess that’s probably why!  How am I going to stay on track and hold myself accountable months from now?  That’s the magic question!


I am happy to say I’ve actually cooked 3 meals last week and 2 already this week!  Who am I?! I can attribute this to the fun new cookbook I got for Christmas!  It’s been fun looking through and picking out 3 recipes each week.  I’m hoping this will keep up my motivation!


To workout at least 3 times a week ; at home or at the gym.  My girlfriend, Jess has been a huge help with this!  While I didn’t hit my 3 times mark last week, I did two times and that’s a win in my book!  It’s been freezing (I mean, literally below zero) and snowing like crazy so the gym hasn’t been on the top of my list but when Jess texts me “I’m getting ready to work out, are you in??” I feel so bad saying “Nah, I’m going to sit on the couch and drink more wine instead”. So I usually get my butt up and start the workout DVD ( yes again, it’s only on week 2).  I’m hoping this can keep up my work out routines!

Image result for workout taco meme

Seriously how I feel EVERY.DAY.!

Image result for workout taco meme

Story of my life.


To produce a blog post at least 3 days a week.  I have planned out a few posts for at least this month so I’m hoping that motivation keeps up 🙂 Thank you to so many of you that filled out my survey!  It will definitely help me get at least 3 blog posts out to you sweet people.  So get ready and be excited 🙂

Image result for blog post meme

You’re totally thinking this right?! ha!


Learn to say no.  I definitely intend to use my right to say No and often 🙂  The hubs and I would like at least 2 weeks at home with no plans (or little plans) so we’ll definitely take that into consideration when people ask us to do things.  I always wish we can say yes to everything when asked but after last year, we need a year of “no’s”.  I know that sounds mean but we just really want to focus in on the important things and one important thing is spending time at our home and getting a little R&R on the weekends!

Image result for saying no to plans meme


Sorry for all the memes but seriously.. blog posts are so boring without pictures!

So there you have it… I’d like to do a “check in” every month to see how I’m doing on all my goals.  Hopefully y’all will hold me accountable! 🙂

Next month, we’ll be linking up to discuss how we’re keeping our marriage strong in case you want to link up as well!