Try-on Tuesday!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Last week, I mentioned doing a “try on Tuesday” with some fitting room finds and y’all loved that idea! While trying to find a few cute outfits for our upcoming trip (did you hear we’re going to Charleston on Thursday?! ;)) I thought I’d share all my finds whether they were successes or failures!

Want to know the best part about today’s outfits?  They’re all under $30!

Here we goooooo (N’sync all the way!)….


I was totally drawn to this pattern when I first walked into the store! I mean, it’s bright and tropical! And the best part?  All the patterns were a little different! I didn’t know how I’d feel about this one (with the fit being a little more loose) but I actually really like it! I’ll definitely pair it with white jeans and wedges (or these super comfy sandals)!

Top (under $20 with code THANKYOU)


This next one was totally random! I have never tried a jumper before but I just loved those prints again!  I’d say this runs pretty TTS and was pretty darn comfy! Imagine big earrings and wedges and you’d be set for a fun night out!

I considered this one a bit of a fail… I’m not sure I love how it fits on my body shape (like are these meant to make me look “hippy”) but these are always so darn cute on other girls!

Floral Jumper (under $25 with code THANKYOU)


This next dress is actually from the girls section! It has that fun print from the top above that I just loved.  I tried on the XL (14-16) in this one and it fit great (even a little big).  Right now, it’s under $20 which is perfect if you’re looking for a fun dress with sandals or even with wedges!

I just noticed how terrible and dirty the mirrors (and walls) are at this store!  Not quite the best lighting either but you win some, you lose some.


I really loved this dress below! I’d say it runs a little big though.  They didn’t have a small in this one in the store so the medium worked just fine after you adjust the straps!

Palm Midi Dress (under $25 with code THANKYOU)


The floral print (is that a theme this year or what?!) on this dress was really pretty in person. And honestly, for under $10, it’s perfect with a big sun hat or even with a long necklace and heels!

This dress is TTS.

Floral dress (under $10 with code THANKYOU)


I sent a picture of this dress to Jess to ask her opinion and her response was “it looks like a toddler’s dress” ha!  She is right though, it is from the girls section! I just thought it was so cute and sweet but I’ll leave it to the little girls for this one 🙂

Girls dress (under $20 with code THANKYOU)


The last dress is similar to so many dresses out there right now!  It’s cute and off the shoulder with a perfect print. I will say, I didn’t love this one! It felt very “smocked” and was not flattering to my shape at all.  It was a bit thicker in material as well which might not be the perfect feel for summer. #justsaying

OTS dress (under $25 with code THANKYOU)

All in all, I’d say it wasn’t as successful as I would have liked but I ended up a few winners! And those prices?? Pretty great if you ask me!

How did we like this post?! Is there anything I’m missing with these that you’d like to know/see?

I’m itching for tomorrow at 3:30 so I can be on official vacation mode!

Have a great day!!



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